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Was the prophecy of Jesus completed? (jonah)?

The prophecy of Jesus on the 3 days of his "death"... if the prophecy was the same as Jonah, then Jonah was alive wasn't he? How can Jesus be dead on the 3 days? and how come you celebrate good friday and then the next celebration is on sunday, is that 3 days, 72 hours and 0 seconds? or the prophecy was 2 days and something?

I don't get somethings in Cristianity... can someone explain?

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    Don't listen to any of theur nonsense, the prophecy unequivocally states 3 days and 3 nights, friday night, saturday morning, saturday night, and if we are to be generous sunday morning,

    if we are generous 2 days and 2 nights

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    Jesus was alive in 3 days as Jonah was. Friday is day one, Saturday is day 2, and the third day is Sunday. How many numbers are there from 1-10? 11 not 10!

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    He was there three days and three nights as spoken of in the Bible. What the Bible does not explicitly say is what day He was crucified and what day He arose. When Jesus was crucified, it only gave the time of the hour of that day. When the people came to find the tomb empty, it was only indicated they found it empty early Sunday morning.

    Biblical scholars disagree on what is the specific day but since God didn't include it, then it will remain only confirmed by Him at a later date. I will say the view as quoted below and referenced is best. It is more important that Crucifixion, burial and Resurrection happened to fulfill the requirements of salvation for us as humans. I referenced some additional links for your questions or feel free to contact me.

    "In the grand scheme of things, it is not all that important to know what day of the week Christ was crucified. If it were very important, then God's Word would have clearly communicated the day. What is important is that He did die, and that He physically, bodily rose from the dead. What is equally important is the reason He died—to take the punishment that all sinners deserve. John 3:16 and 3:36 both proclaim that believing, or putting your trust, in Him results in eternal life!"

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    Bravo Billy you're so nicely suited! yet, it isn't the 'Christians' that have faith and instruct that Yeshua died on a Friday and rose on a Sunday, however the Roman Catholic church that's no longer an identical concern. that's important additionally to observe that Yeshua that the Roman church teaches of isn't the Yeshua of Scripture. because of the fact the RCC teaches that Yeshua did no longer stay in the tomb for 3 complete days and 3 complete nights. yet, the only evidence that Yeshua reported He could provide that He became the awaited Messiah became that of the prophet Jonah (Matthew 12:39). Jonah became in the tummy of the huge fish for 3 complete nights and 3 complete days - Friday night to earlier the sunlight rose on Sunday isn't 3 complete days and nights. because of the fact the living God's days start up with the night and we are in a position to work out by Scripture that Yeshua became faraway from the stake/pass earlier the initiating of the Sabbath (as you reported on your question) making it 3 complete days and 3 complete nights that the Messiah became entombed. Wed night - Thur night - day a million Thur night - Fri night - day 2 Fri night - Sat night - day 3 - rose on the tip of the seventh day Sabbath proving that Yeshua became rather the "grasp of the Sabbath" (Matthew 12:8; Mark 2:28; Luke 6:5). 3 complete days and 3 complete nights. proceed to be Blessed:-)

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    I'm thrilled that you don't get somethings! Welcome to the wonderful privilege of growing in your faith walk which is called discipleship. I read the Bible through several times a year and find something new each time.

    a) The Bible says Jesus was buried 3 days. During that time, he is also said to have preached to the spirits in hell.

    b) Usually Good Friday is observed, not celebrated. It is considered "Good" because on that day, Jesus died for our sins.

    c) Remember they did not have clocks in those days. Time came in larger chunks: Death day; new day began at sundown - 2; Saturday night to "Sunday" morning =3rd day.

    Keep asking. You are on the path of discipleship which means learner.

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    The prophecies of Jesus weren't complete as much as just written in. Remember, the stuff written about Jesus was written decades after he died, if he existed at all. All of the writers were intimately familiar with the prophecies of the Old Testament and were trying to fit their pet prophet into the slot.

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    Jesus and Jonah are two different people.. I don't get your question. What are the scriptures? I didn't know there even was a prophecy about Jonah.

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    It was three days. You count Friday, Saturday, Sunday = 3

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    Friday,saturday,sunday, a part of three days

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    Don't confuse the Christians with the facts of their religion. They don't actually know what their bible has written in it. Otherwise how could they love a child killing God that kills over and over again without any law by which people could know if they were good or not! NOTE THE FLOOD, SODOM AND GOMORRAH, AND EGPYT!

    Over and over again the God of the bible is a brutal tyrant that says do as I say or I'll kill your children and torture you! This God is sick and anyone that actually reads the bible would see this!

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