If you close your eyes-and were created in Gods image-does it also close its eyes? Blind to human suffering?

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    1 decade ago
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    What are you talking about? do you babble often?

    God is not blind to human suffering,

    Satan is the one who is making you suffer, and yet you seem to invite him into your home and life.

    I don't understand that.

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    Not everything humans do is a demonstration of God's nature and character. Yes, we were created in his image (male and female together), but that original design has been tainted by sin.

    You cannot read the Bible (the whole thing) thoughtfully and seriously and come away believing that God is blind to or even uncaring of human suffering.

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    Before you blame God from this human sufferings. Look at what kind of people are living in this world. I can only feel that you opened your mouth and you too have closed your eyes to the truth that we are to blame for this world suffeirngs. WE created our own fate. WE did not take the right road to achieve our goals. Everything becomes a lip service such as yours. WE pray for peace but instead of working for it, we asked God to give us peace as if it is a piece of stone that could be handed down. and presto we have peace. If you think you are suffering and God seems to be blind by seeing it, you could be the one who is looking at the wrong direction in your life. Try to look elsewhere or look within yourself, you might see that what is blinding you is the opportunity so big you hardly noticed.

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    It is always easy to blame someone else for what is going wrong in this world, have you ever thought that maybe you could get off your a s s and do something about what ever is wrong instead of complaining and whining, if you are going to whine about everything than maybe you should live in Napa where all the winers live and quit blaming GOD for our screw ups

    Jesus is the truth, the way and the life!

    "Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One"

    (Shema Yisrael Adonai eloheinu Adonai ehad)

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    Human suffering believe it or not is caused by ....... HUMANS! Also we were created in the image AND likeness of God. We carry the image within all of us but the likeness is what we must strive for.

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    God created man in his own image. Man liked it so much he returned the favor. Image is a metaphor. Think!

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    No. He is not blind but all seeing and when anyone cries out for His help He is there. He wants to ease suffering.

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    Everyone who asks this kind of question, needs humility. Honestly.

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    There you have it, my friends: A perfect example why we should not drink before lunch and logging on to Y!A

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    Ouch. My head hurts.

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