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Where should I go to find a way to get braces if I don't have any credit and my parents won't buy me them

Well I need to get braces because I have an open bite and I stay in San Francisco and I was wondering if anyone knew of providers who help people if they have no credit or bad credit so I can do monthly payments

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    Try you might need your parents as a cosigner but it will be in your name and you can pay it back on whatever plan they set up. I used it for my wisdom teeth and it helped a lot. Try it

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    first, how old are you? if you are not 18 or over, you cannot get any dental work done without the consent of your parents.

    second, you parents won't buy them for you? do you actually need them? again, many practitioners will not put braces on you if you are too young and there is a chance your mouth/bite will change with age.

  • Sir J
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    Ask your dentist for a referral to the orthodontist. Get a free assessment of your status from him/her. Most, if not all, offer free financing in their office and will give major breaks to those without insurance.

    Good luck

  • ed
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    When I was 13, my front teeth were decayed. My parents had no money.

    I mowed lawns for a summer and had all my teeth repaired.

    Ever thought of that?

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