Why is giving welfare to Americans bad, but giving billions to Iraqis is okay?

I see people constantly whining about welfare, I would admit that you actually had a point if I saw you complaining about giving tens if not hundreds of billions to non-taxpaying non-citizens (aka Iraqis) also.


I'm sorry nicolas but I don't recall reading anywhere in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, The Bill of Rights or anywhere else that we The USA agreed to mulit-billion dollar payouts that WILL in NO way benefit the USA or that it was even the US militarys responsibilty to go around the world liberating people from opression, I seem to remeber reading omething about a common defense, but I must have missed the part about being responsible for the creation of a utopian society.

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    giving welfare to Americans who can work (but dont) is bad....the single mother who is busting her *** working two jobs is the one who needs help..not the slobs who are at home playing their PS3 and collecting $$$...they can't get a job but they have enough money to buy a PS3...go figure...With regards to Iraq we are trying to stabilize that country and they need all the help they can get...People in America don't live with the danger of being bombed or tortured everyday so I think Iraq needs the money more than the bum eating Cheetos and playing PS3...yeah I like Cheetos too but so what.

    We should also stop giving the UN and other countries billions of dollars in US aid too.

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    SInce the War on Poverty (mid-1960s), the U.S. has spent over 6 Trillion taxpayer dollars combating poverty in the U.S. This has failed as there still are poeple living at the poverty level. Take New Orleans: the poverty and welfare state that it is and was prior to Katrina: With all the Federal $ going there, it should have been utopia -- no unemployment, prosperious, no cime, etc.

    The money going to Iraq is probably better spent as compared to all of the welfare (even with good intentions) spent over the last 30 years.

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    Why this country will pay $51 Mill to some kind of Oriental baseball pitcher while millions of American children does not have health insurance. Yet the government wants healthy next generation.

    AND, I don't think we have poor people in USA (I am from different country), I see lots of foolish people here.

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    The monies going to Iraq are never seen by the people.

    Only bloated contractors like KBR see this money.

    The money that they can account for that is.

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    Let us say that 80% of the mechanized investment you have works with petroleum, and you invest one million to insure the continuous availability of that product to you. Of course you could invest the million in charitable works too. Am I to be live that you would be so generous or sanctimonious as to prefer to give one million to welfare? Am I crazy or just naive to think that nations also think of their self preservation?

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    and not only the issues you mention... but they don't care at all about dictators in countries that don't have any oil.... but constantly talk about dictators in those that do have oil?

    weird... Kim's totally crazy and has had the nuke for years, but we "can't let Iran get it"?

    one has oil and they care, one doesn't and they totally dismiss it?

    but back to your question, we're also paying for all Iraqis medical bills, they have socialized health care on the U.S. when America's poor can't afford to go to the doctor! it's ridiculous...

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    Maybe because we view people as humans, and don't think they don't deserve our help because they are "way over there".

    When the people on welfare start being held down by tyrants, like saddam, who regularly rape, torture, and murder them, then i will voice my concern about their situation.

    Until then MOST of them need to get off their lazy **** and get to work.


    Since helping your fellow man regardless of his heritage is not good enough for you:

    I guess you don't understand simple concepts, like how a virus is spread. A virus can start with one cell, and spread to two cells. Those two cells now each spread to another cell each, and you have four cells. So on, and so on.

    Islamic extremism is like a virus. There are people who believe that they must destroy everyone who does not believe like them. These people teach others, usually their children, and those people continue the cycle.

    If we do not deal with the virus now, it will spread and be impossible to deal with.

    There is your tie to protecting this country. It's sad that I had to break this down in such childish terms for you to understand.

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    ~Welfare is temporary for people. There is no end in sight for this war. Bush should be giving his billions to the Iraqis. He started it, let him finish it!~

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    Welfare is not bad, we are not giving billions to Iraq, we are spending billions in that useless war, but most importatntly our troops are being killed there.

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    That war not only takes away from the poor and it also takes away from our health programs and social security and aways from our senior senior citizens so I agree with you....

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