I would like to know the value of 1963 Jf K coin?

I have 2 Jf Kennedy $ .50 coin, 35 th President in a case mark 1917 on one side and 1963 on other

on the face it say in God we Trust the coin is 1964 can you please tell me the value

thank you

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Are you trying to say you have 2 1964 Kennedy half dollars in a case that says 35th president and the case is marked 1917 on one side and the other side of the case is 1963. If so it is just a 1964 Kennedy half in a fancy box to commemorate JFK's death. The half dollar is 90% silver so it is worth 7 to 8 times face and if in real high mint state grade may sell for $10.00. The boxes are worth something, but it is one of those things you need to find some one who collects that type item. Now if the coin as you call it has 1917 or 1963 on it, or 35th president on it and it is part of the design. Then it is a medal not a coin. There was so much Kennedy stuff put out after his death there is even a large book on it. Check with a library for the book. Your type item does actually best at an auction like Yahoo or EBay. Coin dealers usually shy away from that type item or won't pay much.

    Source(s): 46 years a numismatist
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