whats up with guys?

I cant understand guys, I met this guy he was perfect but on holiday and I accepted things were going to end. Then he went home and I didnt hear from him in a month. Then he calls and says that he has my number locked in the cell he used on holiday and had to go through a whole process to get it unlocked in his and I was cool with that. Then he calls again. Then we email a few times and he disappears. What is up with that? I dont understand how the male mind works? I know we cant be more than friends but why the sudden dissappearing act? The worst bit is I seriously like him but was accepting just friends cause I know he dont do long distance. :-(

Any guys wanna help me here, gals 2!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    I think the most probably reason is that he thinks, or has, a lot of options and prospects so that he doesn't see you as unique at all. You may want to avoid him since he's probably not interested in you if he can't keep in touch or is unwilling to put in the energy necessary for this. You can either do something such as keeping in close touch with him so that he doesn't see you as another "chick number" on his cell phone, or I would advise you cutting him off and finding another guy.

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    She loves me . She loves me not. He sounds like he is playing with not just your head. But his too. Maybe falling for you. Too early to tell. But if is long distance he should stick with friends. And not toy with you.

  • 1 decade ago

    Besides "friendship" what is in it for him? If you cannot find something legitimate that he gets out of the it, you have your answer.

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