serious people only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

ok.ok. i know u people get tired of this stuff but this is important i had my peroid a day early last month i got it on the 19th i have a regurlar 30 day cycle i had sex on the 10th of this month and know on the 13 i had a watery discharge, very thinn and very stringy does this mean i am ovulation or pregnant if im not pregnant should i have sex today !!!! or am i pregnant now

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    well if you are pregnant, sperm wont hurt and if you arent pregnant you might become pregnant. So either way ENJOY the sex lol!!!! goodluck!!

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    The clear egg white like discharge is a sign of ovulation - so yes that means you should have sex today. It may even be helpful to buy one of the home ovulation tests to confirm. Clear Blue Easy makes a really good one w/ a smiley face as a result. I've heard its really good. The most important thing though is not to put to much stress on yourself when ttc. Stress is the last thing you want when ttc, your body needs to be healthy - so enjoy the process!

    Some other good ideas would be to start charting if you don't already. A really good website to help you with that would be

    Preseed ( is a really good aide in conception by helping the sperm. You can read about it and other conception aides at - it gave me lots of hope! And there are some really good symptom stories to give you an idea as to how different everyone is and what to expect.

    And some other good websites to help explain all the signs of ovualation, timing etc. are,

    Good Luck & Lots of baby wishes to you!

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    Hard to tell. But you could just be ovulating.

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    that stringy thing can be the egg passing thru ur vagina into ur pants sorry to be crude but thats what happens with my children i didnt get that.. at all...

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    1 decade ago

    Whether or not you are pregnant you should have sex.

    If you are pregnant it won't hurt, if you aren't pregnant it may make you pregnant.

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    1 decade ago

    Please go take a test!!!

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