does this sound like a fair visitation schedule?

every other weekend

every wednesday night til thursday afternoon

sharing holidays

having father's day

sharing birthdays

the month of july(half of the summer)

half of his birthday (morning or afternoon whichever he want)


okay let me rephrase part does this seem fair for a father who all of a sudden after not having them at all for two years wants them 6 months at a time or sole custody if i don't agree to the six months. the two boys are very young not even school age yet. And to the person who said i was hoping he wouldn't take them I have always wanted him to be involved and we can't afford the move in and out thing.

Update 2:

oh yea and the split holidays and birthdays is their father's idea i just put it in writing

Update 3:

and i don't hate their father

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    In some places it is a fair schedule, however, you may appeal the schedule to accommodate other dates and period of times. If you have an attorney you may want to consult with him/her what an appeal would run you and how soon it can be commenced. If you are by yourself, you may download forms from Lexis Nexis and enter the appeal yourself as pro se.

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    Wow about 1/3 of the year, all as you see fit. What a sweetie you are.

    How about this? HE gets custody and imposes a completely rigid schedule on you. Split every holiday and his birthday in half so he gets to see how much his parents hate each other by refuses to be around each other except to hand him off without even speaking like he is a suitcase full of drugs.

    How about you make a general agreement and then play it by ear? Is it not possible that you could be civilized adults and let the child's father just have him when he wants him? Or are you hoping that many of those weekends he will be busy and won't take him, hoping that splitting the holidays is so inconvenient that he'll just give up and let you have him?

    Be a sensible human and put your child's needs ahead of your own anger.

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    The only fair "visitation" schedule is one that is shared 50/50.

    When my friends divorced they rented an apartment. Each week they would switch, with one parent living at the apartment nearby and the other parent living with the kids. The kids stayed in the same house, had their same rooms, etc and very little upheaval in their life.

    If this doesn't work for you, I still think the schedule is unfair. One parent (the mother) gets 279.5 days and the father gets 85.5 days.

    Does that really seem fair to you? Is it really in the best interest of the child for them NOT to see their dad more than 75% of the time?

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    Since we will never be able to fuilly understand the complexity of the situation surounding the visitation, it is very hard to answer this question. It does seem very reasonable, but one question to ask yourself is: How does your child feel about this arrangement? Is the child (children) able to have a say in this?

    As a child of divorce, I do think this seems good, but at the same time it can be difficult switching even for a night during the middle of the week.

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    4 years ago

    At one month previous, your infant ought to under no circumstances be faraway from you. an entire weekend isn't conceivable if you're nursing. in the journey that your boyfriend is this interested in his infant, then you actually'll ought to wrestle hearth with hearth and get a more desirable ideal criminal specialist than he and that takes an excellent type of money. Why do not you only get crafty and sensible and make friends with him, reason with him about how a touch toddler desires both father and mom and ask him to spend his weekends with both one in all you, then make his life a lot less stressful, cook for him, make issues tender for him and word the position issues go. Do inspite of it takes to leave the criminal experts out of it and under no circumstances be far out of your infant.

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    Fair visitation isn't decided in the abstract. It depends on your child. Is your child content with this arrangement? Then it 's ok. On the other hand, the child may want less or more visitation. You have to use some judgement.

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    that's actually about normal. usually wednesday is just a dinner type of thing and the child is returned the same day. but if both parents agree, then by all means it is fair.

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    It sounds like the standard visitation schedule that friend of court sets up in the state of Michigan if parents cannot come to mutal agreement on visitation.

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    The Wednesday Thursday thing is odd...but the rest seems ok...would you want the child more or less?

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    what's fair is what works for you, your ex and the kid(s), although the middle of the week could get a little hectic with school aged kids

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