I have Gestational Diabetes... Can I splurge for one day???

I have gestational diabetes and I am watching my carb intake in order to control my sugar levels. So far so good (knock on wood). Anyhow, I'm REALLY craving some ice cream or chocolate and I was wondering if it would be ok if I cheated on my "diet" just for one day. I know it's probably going to knock my sugar out of wack for a little bit but, will it really harm the baby. I would ask my doc but, I'm in Germany and have a German doctor that has to refer me to someone else in regards to the diabetes issue so... Just wondered what you guys think. :) Thanks Bunches!


Currently, we are living in Germany... on a VERY small post... and the commissary is pretty limited on the type of sugar free/low carb snacks they offer. I think I have only seen one box of sugar free cookies thus far... no diet, caffeine free soda either. Since everything here closes by 8pm and I don't have the luxury of going to Wal-Mart at any hour of the night (LOL) I'm pretty limited.

Thanks for all the great opinions thus far though :)

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    I had gestational diabetes with both of my pregnancies. With my daughter, I splurged 1 time. I had pancakes and syrup for breakfast and my blood sugar reached 145 (2 hours post meal). That was the highest I ever saw it. She was only 7 lbs 2 oz and is perfectly healthy. Now, with my son, my doctor didn't have me keep track of my blood sugars, so I would say I wasn't as "perfect" with my diet. My son wound up being 9 lbs and had low blood sugar when he was born. Luckily, he got over it and he's perfectly healthy today. My advice is, splurging once or twice is okay. Everyday, is not. Keep track of your blood sugars and your weight gain!! Good luck!!

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  • Try an alternative to the naturally sweet chocolates or ice cream. Bryers makes a great No Sugar Added Ice cream that's lower in carbs and sugars. Also, if you look around, you can find diabetic candies and chocolates that are lower in sugar and carbs. As far as splurging for one day, it's probably easier that you just skip the splurge, because then your body will REALLY crave the sweets. But one day shouldn't cause any trouble as long as you don't go into diabetic shock (spike your sugar too high or low). It's great that you're looking out for you baby. Keep it up!

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    I had gestational diabetes which I also controlled with diet. Near the end of my pregnancy, I would occasionally get cravings for ice cream as well. I would have it at night and limit it to less than one cup. My sugars were no different the next morning when I ate it. I didn't do it often, maybe 3-4 times total. When you don't control your sugar/carb intake with gd, your baby will gain too much weight. I had a 9 lb. baby at 40 weeks (22"). That might seem huge, but I was over 10 lbs. when I was born and I'm 5'9". I only gained 24 lbs. with my pregnancy. My daughter was very healthy. Best wishes to you.

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    Gestational Diabetes harms you more than the baby. I had it when I was pregnant. As long as you only splurge a little you'll probably be fine. I had the occasional donut. Towards the end of the pregnancy I wasn't able to control it with diet and I had to start taking a pill. I believe it was called Glyberide - It was so much nicer than having to stick a needle in myself

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    I have Gestational Diabetes too...my dietician told me that every now and then is ok...but like other answerers have said- it's better to get ice cream that is sugar free or made with Splenda...Blue Bunny makes an ice cream bar that is made with Splenda and they are only 10g carbs and 2g sugar...so you probly would be better to buy something at the store and read the labels rather then getting a McFlurry from McDonalds...believe I know it's hard cause I've been craving those myself...but maybe just try the Blue Bunny thing and see if that satisfies the craving! Hope this helps...good luck

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    Read the ice cream label you can have about 1/2 cup for approx 20 carbs that could be a snack it would not hurt a thing also if you have it in a cone it will take you longer to eat and make you feel more satisfied! Go for a walk after that will get you insulin working to!

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