How can I become a holistic health teacher?

I'm a recent college grad who wants to get into teaching holistic health. So I am considering getting another Bachelor's degree in Alternative Medicine and go from there.(I have a BA in Communications, a big change I know) I would really appreciate some advice on how I should continue my education and what resources are out there that would help me out. Thank you! :)

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  • Tom W
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    1 decade ago
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    Holistic health is sort of a gray area field with the most prominent being Osteopaths who are true medical doctors who are aware of and use holistic methods when they can. There are a lot of self taught holistic practicioners out there who really have no professional training and can do some serious harm to others. In the back of a lot of vegan magazines you can find home study programs that lead to an unofficial "degree". That you have a BA n communications might help you sell your ideas but really does not give a background in holistic health. I am impressed that Osteopathic medicine uses many holistic remedies even though they are not totally dedicated to that or restricted to it.

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