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Question: Can man replace the ozone that seems to be missing. Can we send rockets with tanks full of ozone up?

I think airplains are eatting up the ozone.

I think airplains could release tanks of Ozone at high altitude.

Each flight could add even a small amount.

I understand Ozone expands out and up and very little is needed to stop harmful rays!

Or.. why not Rockets or balloons?

If not ... "Why not???


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    The ozone can repair itself, but that requires that we all comply with the 1990 Clean Air Act and cease using ozone-destroying chemicals. But, even with complete compliance, unfortunately, it will be a long time before we see the ozone layer repaired. Because of the ozone-destroying chemicals that are already in the stratosphere and those that will arrive within the next few years, ozone destruction will likely continue for another twenty years. You can't just pump more ozone back into the air to fill up the holes. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. Ozone is like cholesterol. We have good ozone and bad ozone. Of course, the bad ozone is man-made and caused by people and is closest to the earth. The good ozone is created naturally and is the farthest away from the earth and is the one that protects us and the one being destroyed by the bad ozone. So, while it sounds good on paper, pumping man-made ozone up into the air with the idea that it will fix the good ozone just doesn't work.

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    Airplane cruise at about 10000 m altitude, which is the lowest boundary of the ozone layer, which extend 5 times higher.

    Sending a rocket with ozone would just dump a lot of ozone at one place only, and it would not distribute evenly. And it would not amount to much anyway.

    Best way to restore the ozone layer is to stop dumping the stuff that destroys it, and the sun's UV radiation will take care of re-generating the ozone to the required levels. This is already underway, as the ozone destroying compounds are no longer being used and released, and what is left is the conmpounds that were released before and that are slowly decaying.

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    I think the volumns of ozone required are in the millions of cubic feet. It would be cheaper and easier to just ware sun block 5000

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    That would be like filling an ocean. There's just too much to replace.

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    I think you've been watching too many cartoons.

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