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i have the back door trojan virus! how do i remove it?

i ran norton anitvirus and it didnt pick it up. the reason y i knew it was there was because i also ran norton spyware and that picked it up and it says its a virus. so do i quarintine it or remove it? i already removed it once and its still on my computer! my norton dont pick it up. help! please what do i do?

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    Try ad-aware, quarantine it.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Try AVG Antivirus + AVG Antispyware Ad-aware 2007 Spybot Search & Destroy Ccleaner

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    If antivirus and spyware remover software does not work, you can try to restore the computer to an older working configuration. Detailed instructions are posted at

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    Go to and get a copy of avg free anti virus. Or try one of the many online virus scanners. But not all of them clean some just scan.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well norton is the first problem.go to your local computer outlet and get the best system cleaner available.keep your system offline when you install it and it should erase all the crap people like to put out there.I cant tell you what i used but go to microsoft customer service and they will guide you.the new product records ip addresses.

    DONT use free stuff online it will make it worse.

  • Maybe reinsall, it always good to keep documents on a USB HD to avoid loss of important files when formatting, I have all my files on a USB HD and mapped the my Documents folder there: ex:

    X:\files\mke [X is the letter of my USB HD]

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    get norton up todate (newest out later today) and do a full scan in safe mode

    try this online scan also

    adaware se personal its free

    get update,reboot and do a full scan

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    earlier i thouhgt norton is best a.v....but its not....i will recommend avast a.v. i m using it..its too gud....u can dld it free from

    best of luk!

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