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Commercials lately?

Anybody notice that there is something up with commercials lately. What I mean is the televison station will start a commercial then change to another one in a few seconds. It seems to happen alot recently and I thought id ask. Maybe its just in my televison market.


Glad to see that there is other observant people out there. :) thanks for the replys

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    That's happening a lot here too (Atlanta). It just started a few weeks ago. It's annoying.

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    I wonder if it is a case of nationally known advertisers who buy a large amount of commercial spots ... and then the tv station uses some of that time to air advertisements for local businesses.

    It would be interesting to observe which type of commercial ad is "cutting in" to the one already in progress.

    Perhaps it is a local ad that is pre-empting the ad of a giant corporation.

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    yeah, it's happening in Texas as well. Really annoying, but even worse as far as I'm concerned it the volume when a commercial comes on!

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    They are probally waiting to play the whole commerical later so you buy the product., just give you an image

    They do it alot before the superbowl.

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