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where can i find a great dane without wasting lots of$$$$$?

i want a puppy great dane and im in the chicago area..i need to find one and i looked in shelters and stores but theres none..can someone please help?

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    I searched petfinder, and found quite a few great danes that are in shelters and rescues in your area.

    If you are adopting a dog from a rescue the money you pay is usually going towards the care the dog recieved while it was there such as vaccinations, spay/neuter, etc. Without the adoption fees these places wouldn't be able to survive.

    If you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder, yes you're going to pay more than you would from a backyard breeder, but what you pay for that pup in alot of cases barely covers the breeders expenses.

    Reputable breeders make sure the parents are of breeding quality, make sure they a free from genetic defects known to the breed, have given the mom the best pre and post natal care. Given the puppies the best care, and normally have started their vaccinations. Alot of breeders give a 2 year health guarantee on there pups, and if for any reason you can't keep it at anytime during the dogs life, they want the pup back.

    All of this takes money. So if you consider helping the people you get your puppy or dog from, a waste of money, are you also going to consider routine things such as proper vet care, high quality food, training, toys etc. a waste of moany as well? What if the dog has an emergency medical situation, is it going to be a waste of money to take it to the vet?

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    Okay... I too am in the Chicago area. This answer depends on what exactly you are looking for. If you want an un-rescued Dane, look a few hours south of Chicago. You can generally pick Danes up for 500-800 in central/souther Illinois. The best Dane I've ever owned came from: and cost 600.

    To get below this mark, you must rescue. It will not be a puppy in all likelihood. Most rescues will be around 18 months... although you may get lucky. Most people give up Danes once they realize how large they become, hence the age. But, beware, don't recue a Dane unless you are in it for the rewards of repairing a lost soul. They will almost certainly have either: ear infections, confrontation issues, epilepsy, etc... (something). Most (not all) people give up dogs for a reason beyond simple size.

    One last thing to consider. If you can't afford 600 to purchase a Dane, don't buy one. You simply can't raise a Dane (food, vets, etc) for much less than 1000 dollars per year. If you can stretch to that range, it's worth it if you aren't into the "fixing a potentially damaged dog" thing.

    Source(s): I've owned Danes as both rescues and non-rescues and read just about every article out there. My life rotates around my Danes and have been through everything, good and bad, with them. Feel free to contact me if you have further questions... don't make the wrong choice for you:
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    If you think it's a waste of money, then perhaps you're better off without the dog. Dogs take a LOT of responsibility and also a LOT of money, especially a large dog like a Great Dane.

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    If you are worried about money, a great dane isn't for you. They are very expensive to feed. Because of their size it is near impossible to bathe them yourself so you will need to pay for that too. The vet bills will cost more because they need more medicine than a smaller dog. If it gets hurt it will cost more money to fix it. They are prone to hip problems which will just be another bill for you. You should stick to something a bit smaller and more cost efficient if all you are worried about is money. Great Danes are not for you.

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    ha ha ha good luck! Unless you want to get one from a mill and have a dog with huge temprement problems at that size then sure, go to town. Find a good breeder on the AKC or CKC web site and save your money if you REALLY want a Great Dane. My friend breeds them and they are nothing to screw with when breeding for temprement.

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    find a great dane rescue!! It is the best place to go and then you can feel good because you gave a puppy a better life!!

    Good luck!

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    if you aren't prepared to pay for a dog then you shouldn't get one. What happens if it gets run over or gets cancer and you need to fork out thousands of dollars for treatment? If you looked in stores for a dog then you definitely shouldn't have one at all.

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    many rescue agencies, try 1800 adopt a pet, or, lots of beautiful animals for adoption! best of luck!

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    I know this sounds bad but you could go to a local puppy mill. Also look in the papers.

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    Wasting ? money... mmm doesn't sound like you REALLY want a dog

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