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Can teens deal with stress on their own or should parents help out?

any bad health risks with too much stress?

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    If the parents can help then that's great. But not everyone has an awesome parent that talks to their kids. Who knows about the health risks, I would say that depends on the person. Like how much they can take before breaking down and such...

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    Yes, stress can affect your mood, your thought process, and even your sleep patterns. I would talk to your parents about what is causing you this stress in your life. They may have ideas to make it more maneagable or at least let you vent it out. Stress is not always a good thing...but learning to deal with it is.

    Also I might suggest talking to a school counselor...or a trusted teacher for some ideas.

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    if parents want to show concern, then that's fine. but if the teen doesn't want help, then parents should let them be unless the stress is causing them physical harm or serious problems. teens are at a point where they're growing up, figuring themselves out, and they should and need to deal with many new things on their own.

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    If the teen doesn't want you to help them, then you probably shouldn't. It could add more stress on them when you push into their lives. If they ask for help, then go for it.

    Source(s): I'm going through it right now
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