Am I the one that's wrong?

Wel, 1st of all my bf broke up w/ me. But we're still friends. And I still really like him! Wel my best friend decided that she wantd him. And now she's going after him. I told her that I don't want her to date him but she said that she's going to anyway. She sed that if I was a real friend that I would let her date him so she could be happy. I thought it was like a rule not to date ex-boyfriends if your friend doesn't want you to. She says that I'm the one being mean and that the way I think is wrong. (Plus: she's already gone out with him twice!!!!). So am I wrong to be mad at her? And if you can help what should I do about it?

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    No, you are absolutely NOT the wrong one at ALL! You shouldn't be blaming yourself for this. I know exactly how you feel, because this happened to me, but luckily the boy didn't like my friend back. OK, back to your crisis. Your friend seems like a real backstabber. And the way she said "if you were a real friend you would care about my happiness", well she's not being a real friend. She's trying to turn the tables on you. Don't let her blame you, because you didn't cause any of this. She is obviously not a true friend. If you want to know what to do about it.. then you should find another best friend. Don't go up to her and say " we're not best Friends" Don't even mention it to her. You should definitely find someone who values you more then she does. Sorry about your boyfriend too, but if he doesn't like you, and likes a backstabber like your friend, then he's not worth it, and you deserve better..

    I hope I helped..

    Feel free to ask me anything <333

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    well, you have every right to feel hurt and angry, but i'd only be upset if her intentions were malicious. If she's not being considerate of your feelings, or not in the last bit sorry that you're hurting, then you have every right to be upset. However, this elusive "don't date your friend's ex-boyfriend" idea has to stop somewhere. Since you're not dating anymore, there isn't a thing you can do to control the situation! If she's not empathetic/receptive towards your feelings, then maybe sit her down and explain why it hurts you so much (not that she's going after him, but that she doesn't care how it makes you feel!) If she's not understanding, then she's not worth keeping as a friend!

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    WOW!!! what a friend!! COORECTION--that seriously aint your friend!! how can she think of her happiness and not yours first?? since she is going to ask him out anyway, if she gets to him,and ya ex boyfriend agrees to go with her,then u certainly ARE hanging around the wrong crowd..

    the only thing you can do now is let her go with him,you can find better people in your life than those that want to hurt you.

    the matter of going out with him is now in ya ex-boyfriend's hands... not yours.

    wow she's a B****

    but wait,before you went with him,who went out with the other first>> did she have him before u?? now am lost...but..t looks like there isn't much you can do but watch

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    Part of growing as a person is realizing that you can't control what other people do you can only control how you react to a situation. Just sit back and let her do what she does. Look at how it's making you feel and figure out if the friendship is really worth saving or not.

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    OK why did your bf break up with you and what do you want to do with the rest of your life? and it seems your girlfriend has already gone out with your ex so i think that part is done and over with and maybe she is the reason that your bf broke up with you and you need to get on with your life and forget both of them

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    You're absolutely right to be mad at her. If SHE was a real friend, she would respect the fact that it makes you uncomfortable for them to be together, especially if it hasn't been a year or more since the break-up. Also, your ex isn't your friend if he would even date your best friend.

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    No, you read your real friends through their actions. Real friend don't run after their best friend's boyfriend. Where's the respect for you as her best friend? I don't think she is even your friend. Have your dignity and keep away from both of them. If you further your acquaintance, you will be their doormat. Would you like that to happen to you?Get new friends and be choosy next time.

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    No you are not wrong. There is an unwritten rule b/t girls (and I'm pretty sure guys as well) that you just don't go after your friends' ex. If SHE was a real friend she wouldn't even go there. Remember---chicks before *****!!!!! I'd ditch both of their asses.

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    Well, if she went out with him before you, then no you can't be mad. Because (1) You did it to her first (2) You must be young and (3) You don't seem to be REAL friends. So get over it.

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    youre not the one to be wrong she is

    if it didnt work out 2 times with her what says it will this time plus if you did and still like him she shud understand ur feelings. if she was a real friend then she wud understnad that you dont want her going out wit him and maybe she shud find someone else if it didnt work out twice for her

    tell her if she goes out wit him it cud ruin ur friendship and if she doesnt care she obviously cares about boys she doesnt love more then her friend hu she shud

    friends come b4 boys

    remind her that

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