What is the distance (in miles) between Earth and Neptune?

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    it varies greatly depending on where they are in their orbits


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    it is exactly 2,705,840,000 miles from earth . It is the 8th palnet located in between Uranus and Pluto. . Neptune completes an orbit around the Sun just once every 165 Earth years,

    but the planet rotates approximately every 16

    hours. It is a stormy blue planet with a molten rock core. Around the core is a layer of very cold

    water, which moves gradually into a top layer which is made of hydrogen, helium, and a small

    amount of methane. This methane gives the planet its blue color. Like the other gas planets,

    Neptune has rings. Neptune’s rings are made of small, dark clumps of rock. 8 known moons

    surround the planet.

    hope this helps (sorry im a teacher so its a habit to fully explain things)

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    4 years ago

    It's a trick question since Earth and Neptune have elliptical orbits are revolving around the sun at different velocities (thus having variable distance between them). Distance between Earth and Neptune : Approx Estimate : 4.4 billion km When Earth and Neptune are on the same side of the Sun : 4.301 billion km Earth and Neptune are on opposite sides of the Sun : 4.553 billion km

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    Presuming the planets are in line, the distance would be around 2705 million miles. This figure could be +/- a few million miles to allow for the ellipticle orbits of both planets.

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    1 decade ago

    Somewhere around two and a half billion miles or a little more I believe.

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