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What is the cause of my nose swelling up along with pain?

my nose is really hurting me, and its starting to swell; isn't that quit Odd

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    Depending on how long this has been going on it is hard to tell. It could be anything from a bite or an allergic reaction to medication or quite possibly an ingrown nose hair or a pimple. You can try ice, ibuprofen, and/or benedryl...Or try calling your family physician if it doesn't get better in a week.

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    Did you bang it on something?? Like accidentally on a cupboard door or door when opening it? Sometimes even little bumps that we initally ignore can cause issues later that day or the following days.

    Source(s): My 16 year old was complaining that her wrist hurt really bad at school one day. She finally asked that she have it checked out by a doctor (after school). Her wrist was fractured and she had to wear a cast for 4 weeks. She didn't remember falling or anything. It turns out that the night before her wrist hurt, she took the dog for a walk. When she opened the door to go out, the dog bolted (on leash) and made her whack the back of her hand/wrist into the door frame. Initially she was stunned, but thought nothing of it. It was that action that fractured her wrist!!
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    Could be herpes or impetigo in the nose, or you may have bumped it hard, or if you snort drugs, you may have something else going on in there. You may want to see a doctor.

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    I was exactly the same you,its allergy ,u can use Dexa rain spray,I use it about one year and I am ok now,

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