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My dog won't stop urinating in the house?

I have tried unsuccessfully to train my dog to urinate outside. He will let me know sometime's but most of the time he chooses the hardwood or the kitchen ceramic tile. Any suggestions?

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    Well I can't make him stop but there is a possible reason.

    If its a small dog , he needs to go out more often due to his bladder being small.

    If it's a large dog, he should not have to go out too often.

    In either case, try allowing your dog times to drink/eat and then take them out afterwards.

    Also let them outside for awhile. Play with them or let them stay out on a run for a period of the day so they get used to going to the bathroom outside when they have to go.

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    Try letting him out more oftern, and then giving treats when he comes back in. It could also be a smell problem too, try using an oxygen based cleaner on the whole floor to totally get rid of any urine smell. You can also buy cleaners that will prevent a dog from urinating in a particular area. hope this helps.

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    My chihuahua was doing the same thing. You need to clean the area with an enzyme cleanser. There is one called Urine-Off. If they smell urine on the floor, they will keep going and going on the same spot. I had to remove my carpet because of it getting into the padding.

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    Its not a matter of letting you know it is you taking the dog out ever hour until it catches on that it WILL get outside if it just hold it. You take him out and you wait until her goes and when he does you give him lots of treats and praise so that he will want to do it again. My girl pretends to go if she cant everytime I take her out because she knows she gets treats.

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    Are you crate training? yes, even adult dogs still need adequate training.

    If you are crate training it sounds to me like you need to go back to square one. Doggie only gets free reign of the house for small periods of time and only after they eliminate themselves outside. Anytime you remove him from his crate he is to go outside - using the same entranceway each time. Start with 15 minutes of play after he comes in and then back to the crate. Keep repeating this. You may want to follow him outside and when he does go make sure you praise in your most enthusiastic tone. To the point you sound silly - seriously. It will take some work, but both your floors and your dog will thank you. Your dog can sense your frustration with him, he will be happy to get rid of that feeling only YOU have to show him exactly what is expected of him. Baby steps, but it works. When he does come back in you MUST follow him everywhere he goes. If you see him squat, lift his leg, or if he runs away from you - grab him and say "outside" or "potty" and take him to the door he needs to use.

    Some people recommend treating after a dog goes potty, but I think all the reinforcement you need is praise and a little petting. You don't want him to only go to the bathroom outside for food, you want him to go because it's the right thing to do.

    Happy Holidays!

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    leave his food in the kitchen, most dogs will not urinate or mess where they eat or sleep, put his bed in the kitchen too!

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    Try giving him a treat every time he goes potty outside. Concentrate on praising his good behavior.

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    don't urinate in front of him.

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