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My cat can rotate it's head around 360 degrees! What gives with that?

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    Reincarnated from an owl perhaps?

    Translated into chinese, an owl is called a 'cat's head eagle' because it looks like a cat with its sharp ears and is nocturnal.

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    i find that hard to believe, not even owls can rotate their heads 360 degrees. maybe your thinking of 180 but im pretty sure if the cat rotates its head that far(360 degrees) its neck will break.

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    That is way weird but sounds so, so funny to see. You should record your cat doing that and upload it to YouTube. If he/she seems fine and the vet said he/she's in good health then I would not worry.

    Animals are like people. What about those people that can do weird body things? Some can just do.

    He's a ThunderCat!! :)

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    Whoa, okay. . .so all the way around? Obviously, your cat is posessed. If it starts spitting pea soup and doing unspeakable things with crucifixes, then it's time to set kitty on fire. My cat can rotate her head around pretty far, but not that far. . .maybe it's because she's so fat, though.

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    Just WHAT were you "smoking" the last time you watched " The Exorcist"? Cats have more flexability then we do. BUT NOT 360.

    Source(s): My Stimpy's laughing at you. Merry Christmas.....
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    Your cat is really Criss Angel filming a new special. Check it out soon. Your real cat will return shortly.

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    u have 1 freaky cat then. and scary to.

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    Because he is the Devil..Is his name Regan? Does he like pea soup?

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    I need a young priest and an old priest!

    "The Power of Christ Compels You!!!"

    Source(s): The Exorcist (1973)
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