When was the butter churn and the sewing machine made?

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    Here is what I found: 1755 for the patent on the sewing machine and 1891 for the patent on the butter churn.

    Brought to you by our good friends at Wikipedia:

    “The first known attempt at a mechanical device for sewing was by the German born Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal, who was working in England. He was awarded British Patent No. 701 in 1755 for a double pointed needle with an eye at one end.”

    The Butter Churn was invented by A.C. Richardson. (http://www.blackinventor.com/)

    “Until 1891 anyone wanting to make butter would have to do so by hand in a bowl. On February 17, 1891 Richardson patented the butter churn. The device consisted of a large wooden cylinder container with a plunger-like handle which moved up and down. In doing so, the movement caused oily parts of cream or milk to become separated from the more watery parts. This allowed for an easy way to make butter and forever changed the food industry.”

    This guy was no slotch.. you should see the other things he invented!

    Source(s): http://www.blackinventor.com/ and Wikipedia.com
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