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Designer knock-offs?!!?

I bought a pair of shoes that look exactly like Christian Louboutin's. I feel a little weird wearing them because I know they're not real, and I feel that people will know they're not real. What do you think?

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    Most Christian Louboutin shoe designs have at least one or two similar looking models, including the red stripe on the heel, produced by most other shoe makers at this point. Everyone is trying to get "in" on that shoe design. If people ask about the shoes, just say "it looks just like it, doesnt it?". Dont lie about it or try to cover it up - make yourself look savvy for having good fashion sense and being practical about the prices. Let those that have the millions spend the big bucks for a single pair of shoes.

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    As far as I'm concerned, if the shoes are supposed to be "in the style of" rather than trying to pass as the actual shoe, you're ok. I don't see why you can't buy something that's cheaper but the look you're going for. If they are illegal reproductions, that's another story altogether.

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    I am one of those people who "always" know...but I dont say anything.

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