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Cigars questions.?

What is the difference between the normal regular newport ciggarets and for an example the black and mild cigars? and is it me or when you smoke the black and mild cigars i cant smell that nice smell that i always do when other people are smoking it.


And what is the Middleton' black and mild cigars suppose to do to you?

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    I love B&Ms so I understand where you are coming smell it you have to smoke indoors, then that awesome smell sticks around...and either way the flavor is great!

    The diference between B&Ms and cigarettes is that B&Ms not only smell and taste better, but it is first of all Pipe Tobacco and also offers more of a nicotine rush/B&Ms are also unhealthier/addictive..another thing is that they last much longer, have alot more tobacco for half the price of cigarettes and are alot more fun to smoke! so as with all things they have positives and negatives.

    Hope this helps

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