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Suicide... why is it considered selfish? Would you think it is selfish even if...?

I've had the thoughts, thought about the reasons... Supposedly I would be thinking only about my problems? Do you think that is true? What other reasons would it be selfish? In reality, a good reason for me in favor of suicide is to release the burden of financial support from those who assist me. Is that selfish in your opinion?

Also, I've heard that it is selfish because suicide negatively effects loved ones. But aren't loved ones who want to keep you around just to not make themselves sad being selfish? Wouldn't they want you to get what will make you happy?

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    First, suicde doesnt make you happy. It makes you dead. Totally different. And since we have no real proof about what happens after youre dead, who knows?? You could be looking at the end of pain and suffering, or eternal horror.

    Second, its considered selfish because of the grief and loss that your family will deal with. Regardless what "burden" you feel you put on your loved ones, the burden of grief and abandonment is just as great.

    One more thing to consider is your own state of mind. If you are honestly considering suicide as a rational way to solve your problems, you are most likely depressed. In a depressed state, you DO NOT have a realistic view of how your life affects those around you. You may think that they would be better off without you...if this is your mind set, please take a moment to visit a survivors of suicide support group...these are the loved ones whom are left behind working through the pain of another's decision.

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    How do you know if suicide will make you happy? You've never been to that point to even know what it's like to be nonexisting. The aspect of the word is very selfish. First of all, you want to end the life that was given to you for whatever purpose to fulfill. This life truly isn't your's to own. Secondly, whatever your purpose is, if you take your life, the people that you are to come in contact with will be deprived. You were sent here to help them even if it were to smile a ray of hope their way. For whatever purpose your life is to serve, looking at the bigger picture will have a missing piece and the puzzle will not be complete. Thirdly, those who love you have an unconditional love which will be very hard for them to change their love for you. So the pain that you think you're escaping from will definitely be inflicted in their hearts and minds because a connection has been severed.

    My guess is that now that you've had these thoughts (alot of people especially teens think of suicide), but now that you've had these thoughts, get passed it, get help if that's what you need, life is not that serious but you are. Finance, a lover, sex, etc. are not enough problems that you need to take the cheaters way out. Toughen up and take life by the balls, at least get some. If GOD needed you right now, he'd would have taken you before you wrote this. He needs you to do what you are suppose to do here in life - stop thinking and pitying only yourself. Think of others who are needing an extra ear to tell their problems too, or need encouraging, a smile, or something uplifting. Because believe me when you think of doing kind things for others you are rewarded in kind. But instead you would miss out on all the happiness and joy you could receive if you did not choose to end your life laying 6 feet under doing nothing but making others hurt and cry on your behalf because you couldn't get your finances together or something that can be solved.

    GET IT TOGETHER - START LOVING. Love is the answer. Otherwise, yes, suicide is very selfish. I hope this helps you to understand.

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    Your thoughts of suicide are understandable, but yes, they are also selfish, especially when you know that the act will bring years of grief to your loved ones. This is especially true if there are children involved. I have heard so many times about how the suicide of a relative has had a profound lifetime impact on the children in the family.

    There is no comparison to the selfishness of suicide to the family being selfish by not "celebrating" you getting your way by committing suicide. That is the same logic as saying a family is being selfish for not letting you abuse drugs, have promiscuous sex, etc.,...just because it is what you want even though it is wrong.

    This is just my opinion, but it is based on being a nurse who has seen decisions being made as to when to end life. Even most family members can accept those decisions when there is a terminal condition that is rapidly diminishing the loved one's chances of any kind of quality of life. It's quite another when the person has the potential to have a good quality of life IF THEY WOULD JUST CHOOSE TO despite their physical limitations.

    Look at the great things accomplished by Steven Hawking who has a horrible disease or Christopher Reeves after he was paralyzed. Turn your energies to inspiring people in some way versus giving up. You do have something to offer...find it.

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    Suicide is considered selfish for a few different reasons, but that is besides the point here. Why are you thinking of suicide? You don't feel that you offer any joy to anyone in your life? you feel that worthless? You ned to speka to someone about these feelings. You need to stop and realize the thoughts that are going through your mind. Suicide is never the answer!!!!

    People would not financially assist you if they didn't want to. Don't feel that you are that much of a burden to anyone that you being dead is better.

    I strongly urge you to speak with a mental health professional. Explain to them the thoughts that are running through your head. I'm sure they will be able to help you see that suicide is not the right answer!

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    First and foremost, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Even though it may not seem like it, the sun does come out again. Killing yourself only ends the problem for you, not for the ones around you plus the they have the added burden of dealing with losing you. If you truly feel this way, seek help!! I've been there and am glad I didn't do it. My problems did go away and life is good. I wish you the best of luck.

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    My father committed suicide 22 years ago. The main thing that I have thought over the years was that he didn't love me enough to live, that he didn't love me enough just to exist. It's a death that no one can understand. It leaves a hole in your loved one's hearts that never heals.

    Yes, it is a very selfish thing to do. I understand the torture of mental illness, but that makes it no less selfish a thing to do. If your loved ones care enough for your to financially support you, then they certainly love you enough to want you to live. If they didn't love you and if your death wouldn't hurt them, then they certainly wouldn't bother supporting you. So you must ask yourself if you love these people and if you want to hurt them.

    Anyone considering suicide should consider that those left behind by someone who commits suicide agonize over asking themselves what they could have done differently to have prevented it. I wouldn't consider this "keeping you around just to not make themselves sad." It's far more than just being sad. Suicide is a death that survivors can't ever quite get their minds around and have closure with. It's not like other deaths that are caused by external forces such as accidents or physical illnesses such as cancer.

    The worst part of suicide is all the happy events in your family are always bittersweet. The lack of the person is a tangible presence. The person who commits suicide misses out on all the wonderful events in life: graduations, birthdays, holidays, newborn babies, weddings.

    Your life is a gift you're giving the people you love, and you should do everything you can to make it the best possible gift you can give them. I've learned over the years that almost every decision people make, even seemingly insignificant ones, often impact people in ways that you simply can't imagine.

    If you are considering suicide, then I strongly urge you to find resources in your community to ask for help. Tell someone. There is help. You are valuable.

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    Suicide is a cowardly and selfish act. I can understand the feelings of needing release so badly, but you can work out the problems and go on to be very happy and productive. If you have courage, you can find a solution to your problems. Suicide is understood to be selfish because it destroys those who love you.

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    I do not and by no means have believed that suicide is egocentric, however I can comprehend why others consider that approach considering the fact that it hurts those who love them such a lot. The act of committing suicide is, to me, due sheerly to overwhelming mental and emotional problems. Someone as soon as defined melancholy as like being sponsored towards an open window in a room filled with hearth, wherein the feelings are the hearth: burning, insufferable discomfort. What do you prefer, to be engulfed by means of the flames, or take the jump out the window? Unfortunately, a few folks think the one approach their huge emotional soreness will finish is by means of taking their existence. At that factor, with such mental harm, folks persuade themselves that others will likely be larger off -- and even happier -- with out them. The folks that declare suicide is egocentric have surely no inspiration what essential melancholy can do to a man or woman.

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    I've had thoughts of it in the past, myself. But its not right, and what you heard is true. It's selfish because it's thinking of self, and toward the wrong solution. Plus it does hurt good people who know you. But selfish people only pretend to be hurt by it.

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    Suicide is selfish! Even if your the poorest of poor I'm positive that your folks would rather have you around and alive. I dont know how old you are, but this time that you are depending on others is temporary. Life is precious, a gift that you have No right to take back. Please, I know life is messed up and hard, but I think its worth the fight!

    You matter! You are important! You have worth!

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