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Could our invasion of Iraq have been a brilliant move to divide and conquer in the Mid. East?

The Saudis are now talking about backing the Sunnis if the U.S. pulls out,because they fear Shia domination assisted by Iran and Seria.

Will other m.e. countries join the Saudis,and keep Iran and Seria in check?


Will these m.e. countries be kept busy fighting each other and, thereby ,make it easier for the U.S to fight terrorism?

Update 2:

Bush said from the start that he would take the fight to the enemy, and fight terrorism on the offence.

Update 3:

FARZAND-- Isn't that what it means to "divide and conquer?

Update 4:

HAYLEY--Think your worried more about our popularity than the wellfare of the country.

Would you prefer a nice verse on our tombstone?

Update 5:

I knew when I asked this question, that the Bush haters and Liberals would jump on it,and squirm for an answer as an after-thought.

Update 6:

Say's you.

"value loaded words",--like "Bushies"?

But really baby, is Bush your hero.

Don't get a run in your panty hose, you don't have to answer

Update 7:

HALEY---The above was for you.

Update 8:

History might make you look dumber than you think Bush is.

Update 9:

You talk much, but say little.

Update 10:

Which conflict?

We didn't go there to stand between two goups of religious nuts who want to kill each other.

If you insist on seeing the U.S. from the outside, why don't you go there?---and stay.

Update 11:

I'm happy that you found many of my words "loaded" w/ "value"; however I can't return the compliment. None of your words seemed to have much value.

Update 12:

I can almost hear the fear in your voice; that history may find that YOU are the dummy, and not Bush.

Update 13:

We are not at war w/ Iraq. We already won the war.

What's going on there now is two religious groups killing each other to determine who is the rifgtful hier to Muhammad.---It has little to do w/ us.

Update 14:

What happened? Did you cut and run?

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    ultimately I believe that we are in Iraq to lay the foundation for freedom..and It is obviously hard because we are in the heart of the's not like we are in Qatar or Bahrain...we are in the devil's nest and it won't be easy.

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    Yes I think you are exactly right - we have divided just about the rest of the world from us. We have squandered the moral high ground provided to us by 9/11. We have even divided ourselves even from ourselves, the country of Jefferson, Lincoln and Rooservelt, who expressed and acted on grand principles has become the country of Guantanamo, Abu Gharaib and torture. We have divided ourselves even from the Geneva Conventions. Divided ourselves from good environmental common sense and the rest of the world thru the rejection of Kyoto. Through this 'brilliant' move we have also conquered, conquered ourselves. For we have become that which we most despise, an opportunistic, militaristic, colonizing nation that has few scruples, one that is merely percieved as a global bully. The old adage 'we have met the enemy and he is us' is as true now as when the saying was first made.

    Specifically the answer to your question is absolutely not, With outside parties taking sides in the Iraq conflict all that it will do is maximize the probablity of a formal open civil war with standing armies. It will serve to lengthen the conflict. and may well lead to a Lebanon type of situation. Which in turn can only maximise the likelihood of instability in the region

    Response to Big J - you have to be kidding me, did you read what I said beyond the first sentence? To respond to my comments with remarks that are based on disprovable assumptions using value loaded words like 'popularity' or the tombstone metaphor is laughable. Is the current situation making us safer or more vulnerable and weaker? I think even the Bushies recognize that our situation is now in fact worse than it was before the invasion, and based on the current trends we may have benefitted our enemies at the price of our own security, wealth and military readiness. Are you really trying to argue that this is being done for the 'welfare' of the country.

    Since you are contemplating the erection of our national tombstone I would point out W started carving it in his own image and likeness out of the national psyche a while back. The verses on it being the product of one of his more kindlier and gentler conservative moments are focussed on one last ditch effort to manipulate our perceptions and preserve his legacy.

    Your thinly veiled attempt at a push question which attempts to cast W as 'brilliant' is totally clueless. There is only one thing worse than the mass delusion that has been perpetrated on the American public is the self delusion of this administrations advocates that they can still push a few value loaded buttons and manipulate perceptions

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    No, it won't make fighting terrorism easier. It would be more difficult. I hope that the war in Iraq doesn't spill throughout the entire region.

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    It was a brilliant plan to divide and conquer America.

    Go big Red Go

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    ...and surround Russia...........unfortunately nothing brilliant about it and its backfiring badly!

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