what is the European country the most similar to France (excepted french-speaking little countries)?

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    Difficult question. Maybe Italy because the languages in both countries are very similar. I'm French and I can understand some Italian without having ever learned it. And Italian people usually also understand some French. Belgium is also quite close to France because a part of Belgians speak French and Belgian celebrities are very famous in France (we usually end up thinking they are French, though)

    Actually, it depends a lot from the part of France you live in. Brittany is pretty close to Ireland ( strong Catholicism and Celtic traditions, some Irish traditional songs are also very popular in Brittany and the Breton language is close to Irish). The North is very close to Belgium (food, behaviour, and language: a part of Belgian people speak French) The East of France is pretty close to Germany (the dialect in Alsace is close to German and the cooking looks like German cooking a bit) And the South of France is more close to Spain and Italy (catholic tradition, Latin roots and wine culture opposed to beer culture in the North) And as any capital, Paris is not that representative of France.

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    I'm French and I have no idea. Maybe Italians, as they also like to speak their mind. But we do complain a lot, and I'm not sure Italians do that as well (on such a big scale). And maybe Spain as well...

    We are similar to Germany as far as state fundings (social security, etc.) are concerned.

    But I think all countries in Europe really have a specific personality. Even Belgium (French speaking in some parts) is very different.

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    Belguim, of course that is a little country and they speak, French, German and Flemish.

    The next closest is Germany, but at least the people work there.

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