100,000,000 Pounds-a-year to pay for the immigrants!?

Thats how much it costs the british citizen. That money alone goes to pay for translators and translating services because of the immigrants flooding England. Isn't this a bit crazy to pay for them and they don't even bother to learn our language? They free-load off the system like leeches and then we still have to cough up because they're too damn lazy to learn our language!

Will things like this cause people to vote for the Conservatives in England? For Americans, do you have similar problems?

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  • Eyedoc
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    1 decade ago
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    You are absolutely right.

    A person immigrating to any country, should amalgamate him/herself into that society. A government should never spend that much amount.

    But, at the same time there are scores of immigrants who contribute in millions in monetary terms in taxes, national insurance and may never have to take the benefits from the government.

    If you look at our own citizens who can speak the language and contribute to the society are abusing the system as well.

    Like having children and claiming child support as an occupation or profession. Not bothering to get educated and contribute to the society.

    If you calculate the amount government spending on these worthless creatures it also amounts to the same and may be even more.

    I definitely not support the idea of Governemnt spending millions unnecessarily on anyone either immigrants or born citizens.

  • 1 decade ago

    All You People that originate from the land you were born in then you can speak about being so upset about immigrants but if atleast 4 generations ago you were not from there then you need to understand that not everyone can find happiness where they are from so they try to find a better life else where, granted yes there are some who come and just sponge or commit crimes but do remember that if some immigrants didn't come you might not have had some things that you have now so relax and try to figure out how to sort the good ones from the bad ones and just learn to get along and get over it

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes we have the same problems..and we don't have enough leaders who have the balls to tackle this issue...but we need to keep trying so that way we don't have these leeches destroying our country without us trying to do something about it.

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