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Is morality only the perception of the individual based on life's observations?

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    I think upbring weights in it a lot . Damn I need some asprin , you are making me think to much .

  • In sitting here thinking, something I tend to do to much of, it has been 77 years since the Great Depression. Proverbs tells us that one thing about man, is that he repeats history because he does not learn from it. The Bible tells us that the a cycle is seventy plus seven. It appears, based on the rumblings that we are due to repeat the happening of 1929. In reading about the trends for Europe and now North America, it almost apppears to be around the corner and can occur at any time. 5 years ago the Euro came about and now it appears that Amero is inevitable. As you read the news from around the US, the housing market is at a standstill, the stock market is on the edge, our influence atound the globe is nothing. All I can say is that the hoofbeats of the 4 horsemen are becoming louder. All I can say is let it come Sweet Jesus, let it come.

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    No, I feel that everyone, regardless of upbringing and culture, understands that certain things are simply right and wrong. Other customs change from culture to culture, but helping someone in need is always good and killing without cause is always bad, no matter what life has taught you. People argue about how many wives you should have, but everyone knows you don't sleep with another man's wife.

    Some morality is mere custom, but some of it comes from deep within--it's practically instinct.

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    I hope you know that you're making my head hurt (by making me think) with all this morality, perception, and observation talk.

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    No. Morality is not subjective or at least shouldn't be. It is the quality of being in accord with standards of right or good conduct.

    "To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society".

    Theodore Roosevelt

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    I have an intelligent answer, but I'm too lazy to sit here typing for days my answer. :D

    what's with the intelligent questions today??

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    yes you could say that, what they have observed and what they have accepted

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    I would like to think so

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