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what does this mean?

I was talking to a female friend and she told me about this song by Damien Rice called 9 Crimes. I told her that I never heard of it then she told me that I should download it. I finally did and now that I have heard the song I am confused. This question is for people who have heard the song and under stand what its about. She is currently coming out of a marriage. She separated from her husband march I’ve been friends with her since February. We have gotten kind of close real fast because of the separation. But we kind of always thought of each other as friends. But then she tells me to listen to this song and now I don’t know what to think. I just don’t know what to do.


i am male not female

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    maybe she just likes the song and wanted to know if you have ever heard it.

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    she's confused; don't allow her to rent space in your head. if your bi curious then do as you please; if you're strictly boy then tell her that you appreciate her friendship but you're not like that. she's going through a phase of no more men and soon she will be over that phase and back into the main stream of men, then you will be left out thinking all that i did and she went with a man; hurt and frustrated. so don't do anything that you're not ready to do so it will be no love lost.

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    just tell her wot u think about it wot else can u do? =)

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