Moving from So. Cal to Seattle....Is that a good idea???

We have a job opportunity in Kent, Wa & would like to know the best place to live in the area. We've never been there & hear only about the daily rain. We currently live in Pasadena, Ca & love the warm weather. Will we be in major depression because of the climate? We have lived in Denver, Co and just loved it!!! We are looking for a family, dog friendly, social community. We are in are early 40's. Any suggestions/comments welcome.

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    Most of the people I know here who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter blues), complain about the lack of sunshine much more than they complain about the rain. Because we are so far north, our days are much shorter in the winter than they are in Pasadena. Yesterday, for example, it was pretty much dark here by 4-4:30pm and it was rainy or gloomy most of the day.

    Other than winter, Seattle is a beautiful city to live in. Kent is ok, it's pretty typical of suburbia in population, commercialization, etc. I wouldn't say it is near as nice as Pasadena though...

    The only other con to living in this area is traffic. Although if you live and work in Kent, that probably wouldn't be an issue.

    My suggestion is to come here for a visit before deciding to move. If you come in the next month or so, you'll see the area at it's worst weather-wise, and can decide from there. My sister recently moved here from the Bay area and moved back within 3 months...she didn't like the people here (too politically correct, she said) and she hated the weather (compared to all that California sunshine)...

    Hope that helps - good luck making the decision!!

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    I moved to the Seattle area from the South over a year ago. I don't know about living in Kent as I hear that there's more crime there than other places but really, the overall crime around here is pretty low anyway. Auburn would be a decent place to live and is very close to Kent. If you don't mind at least a 20-30 min. commute on good days, you might consider Newcastle or the Bellevue area. I think housing is more expensive in Bellevue but it is a beautiful, clean area. You may become more prone to depression due to the little light in the fall and winter-- it bothers me but not my husband. Plus there are at least "sunbreaks" many days where you can run outside and enjoy a little sun. Also, you can't beat the summers here (approx. mid June through September). Zero rain, mild temperatures, and tons to do. From what I know of Denver weather, you won't find the extremes here that they have there. The weather stays pretty much the same for long stretches. If you enjoy snow sports then you will have plenty of opportunity to do that in the winter. Good luck!

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    No I wouldn't do the move. I know you're probably drooling over prospect of selling your house in a perpetually hot SoCal housing market but in the end it's not worth it. For one the weather will be a huge drag it drags on the locals (even if they say it doesn't) and people from the southland really aren't use to having to spend 3-4 months solid indoors without sun and Denver has a way different climate they have something close to 300 sunny days a year we have barely 100. Also working in Kent either means living in Kent (bad choice, very bad choice), living in a nicer 'burb like Renton/Fairwood (a little better but not much) or living in Seattle and having a daily commute from hell that would easily be 2.5 hours each day round trip(think about it over 1/4 of the time you spend at work would be stuck in your car on a gloomy clogged I-5 or I-405). Also I know this is treasonous to say this as a nearly native of western washington but you'll find far more things to do in Los Angeles than here. true story.

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    The air is much cleaner here. I live about an hour south of Kent. Yes, it does rain, but everything is green and beautiful. And nothing beats the view of Mt Rainier and the mountain ranges. There is alot of hiking, camping, mountain biking, all sorts of outdoor stuff to do around the Puget Sound area. We have some of the best fishing and snow skiing in the country!

    There are many rural and suburban areas around Kent, it's best to research on the internet for the best places to live. Be prepared for long commutes, however, just as you might do already. The entire Puget Sound region has outgrown the transportation system and freeways, so our gridlock is just as bad--often worse, than the larger metro areas in the States.

    We're not pioneers who ride in covered wagons. We do have traffic congestion, crime, road construction, and parts of city's that you don't want to go near.

    Look up Kent, Wa, surrounding areas.

    Good luck!!

    Oh, don't TELL anyone that you are from Caly. Better to be from Wyoming or Montana or Idaho, or ANYWHERE but California. It just doesn't go over well here with most Washingtonians. Californians are blamed for our higher prices of growth.

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    The rain is not that bad, really. If you move here, don't talk about the rain because Washingtonians are very sensitive towards this. I have lived here for 8 years and it still puzzles me when I hear "if you don't like the rain, get out." I have lived on the east coast and people don't really care about what you say about the weather. Don't move here for the people, but for the beauty and it is dog friendly. Also, if you are originally from another country you will be accepted, but if you are from another state in the US, it is harder to fit in. No place is perfect, so good luck!

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    It is beautiful out there, and yes it does rain alot but would that make u depressed? I think the rain is sooo beautiful, anyways if you have the opportunity to make a better life for you and your family, go for it.I know what you mean about the weather I live in Burbank so I know what you are talking about. You only live once and this is an opportunity so I say go for it.. you can always move back if it is that bad, but I think you will really like it. It is not LA THAT IS FOR SURE. VERY CALM, PEACEFUL AND BEAUTIFUL!!! good luck!

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    well go for it! do not live in Kent though. it is has a lot of crime. i say Puyullup,Edgewood, Downtown Seattle, anything. just not kent,renton or auburn. take the move! i live in seattle and i would never move and im 11!

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    Yes if you like the rains!!!!!!!!!!!!!Summers here are beutiful. Long days and lots of sunlight.

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