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Temperature drop and Cervical Mucus?

iI am charting my temperatures and I ovulated on 12/5. My temps went up the next day and on 12/11 (6days after ovulation) my temperature dropped below my cover line. It went up again the following morning, but yesterday I noticed that I had creamy cervical fluid again.

Could this mean that I probably didn't conceive, or woud it be a good sign that I did?

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    If conception has taken place then your temp would be expected to remain high for 14 consecutive days (basically until the day you expect your period to arrive) but you could experience an implantation dip at around 6-9 dpo. Creamy cm indicates that you are not fertile (but you ov'd at least a week ago so you know that already!!). But these are only what the "norm" is and the only way to really tell if you are pregnant is by a hpt at least 10 days after ov.

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    could mean either way; usually the mucous is more prevelant when ovulation is taking place or so i thought. (to aid in mobility of the sperm) but anyways good luck!! theres a website out there for preconception tips as well; here's the link, it's free and it might be a big help. there are also forums there to ask questions and search if anyone else has had this as well.

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