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what is the smallest 1080p hdtv it in 16:9...?

also what is the smallest 480p tv available...must be in 16:9

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    Westinghouse has a 37" 1080p TV with a tuner ... see links below

    Dell has monitors as small as 24" that will do 1080p but they are in fact, just monitors without a tuner or speakers...

    Monitor-only is not a problem, however, if you are using a cable box or a satilite reciver for the video (with dvi outputs) and you have a home theater system for the audio.

    All of the tv's and monitors (including the listed ones) that will do 1080p are widescreen (16:9).

    you can find 480p tv's all the way down to the single digits (7" even) for portable dvd players,...

    but why anyone would want a 480p 16:9 TV is beyond me since the only signals that are in 16:9 aspect ratio seem to be hi-def signals

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    37 inch is the smallest I have found and you can get it from several manufactures, White, Mitsubishi, Westinghouse. You will not find any 480p set however, that will only be available in 480i. Make sure when you review the specifications, that the native resolution says 1900X1080 or higher. yes I said higher, there are some new sets coming out that move beyond the 1900X1080, however they are priced in the 10's of thousands of dollars. All sets will say they can display 720 or 1080, however that signal is either up-converted or down-converted to the native resolution of the set.

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    Toshiba Regza 32WL68E (32-inch LCD)

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