how do you view torrent files?

i cant seem to understand what's the thing with torrent files. perhaps you can help me. thanks very much, oh, and do you know where i can download this song? i can't find it in limewire you know....

Jonetsu by the KinKi kids.

thanks a lot!!!

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    A .torrent file is a file pointer that gives the torrent download program the information it needs to find, locate and if possible, download a file. It has the checksum data to ensure that the file would be downloaded correctly. It is not however the file itself. It only a data file for programs such as bittorrent to use to download the file. It contains no information in it that would be understood by someone who not into the details of technology.

    Therefore, get a torrent download program and give it the torrent file, so it can retrieve the file for oyu

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    1 decade ago

    Check out the links below for more information on torrents.

  • 4 years ago

    you are able to receive video archives, and at the same time as they're nevertheless incomplete, attempt to play them utilizing VLC participant. The video will in problem-free words play on the factors that are contiguous -- the fragmented bits received't play. operating example, if the record receive progression record seems something like this: [xxxxx]___[x]_ [xxx] (the position the x ability downloaded fragments and sparkling areas ability lacking fragments) in problem-free words the first contiguous "area" of the video will play before the video stops. you need to drag the shape bar on VLC participant to locate the subsequent contiguous area even with the undeniable fact that it truly is a tedious procedure.

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