If i am a citizen of the U.S and the abuser is born in mexico and is not a citizen does he have rights to our?


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    Depends upon if your son was born in the US. If so, then yes, he has rights, but without citizenship, he can't obtain those rights through an American legal system....but that doesn't mean you can't!

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    Only until a court order! Please! Parental kidnappings are a huge problem in this country, if he escapes to Mexico with the child he has just as much right to the child as you do especially if he's the first to get a custody order. You really need a lawyer!! If you should end up needing the laws of parental kidnappings there are several books on the subject by Margret B Strickland, published by Rainbow books, the titles are "How to deal with a parental kidnapping" and "an international guide to parental kidnappings".

    Most states have low cost or no cost family lawyers to help you. Call you local county or state human services dept. and they'll be able to guide you.

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    Most Mexicans are legal but your son is definitely a citizen here, so it would be hard for your husband to take him to Mexico, especially if you leave the house with your son and file a restraining order on your husband.

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    where was your son born? if your son was born in the us then nope his daddy is illegal and you should turn him in and after he is gone.... move from where you are at

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    Good move !

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    Our what ?

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