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what do i do?

my sister is only 9 and my friends are 11,12,13 and they are fighting and her medication made her stpo eating but we took her off it and now she is tiny and i dont want her to get hurt but i dont want my friends to hate me either. what do i do?

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    Get a handle on your friends (if you can call them that)....they are bullying you really want friends like this???? Take care of your sister...she'll always be there no matter what...if your friends get angry with you..they really aren't friends in the first place....

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    She wants to be the center of attention, speak with your parents, try speaking with his/her psychologist, if she doesn´t have one, then might try going to one.

    You have to support her a lot and everything you can to help her, if she continue like this it might be a problem in the future.( Only if you see that she has a psychological problem). It is very simple to explain if she has problems, they might increase with the age

    Try to explain to your friends about the situation with your sister, they might understand you and they might try different things( 1. to avoid her, or others).

    Your sister has to be more important for you, but friends are very important as well.

    So your sister will be n 1 in terms of importance

    your friends will be after her.

    Your sister needs a lot of attention, care, love, patience, etc.

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    Kid, I have no idea what is really going on here. If anyone is on meds they need to be back on it. How old are you? Where the heck are your parents????

    Do I need to contact Child Protective Services to trace this question? Give her the medication or the cops are coming to arrest you!!!

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    An adult should really handle this situation, physical fights can get out of hand fast, you should not be the one to have to deal with it. Although, I would have to say I would tell my friends not to fight with my sister.

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    Sorry to hear about your problem ,your sis's problem you sound very caring sometimes thats all you can do.Report on the bullies please.I know u love your sister,if your friends can't help you ,reconsider who you call friends o.k. i wish u well

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    And what does this have to do with your friends? Get off the computer little girl.()

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    Your dear sister should be your priority, friends gone and go, sisters, brothers and parents do not.

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    Family is Blood... unfortunatly friends come and go... if they are your TRUE TRUE friends, they should have NO problem understanding family comes 1st always :)

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    tell them to stop being immature. why r they fighting and why would they hate you? tell them family comes first

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    forget the should come first

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