Denver Broncos?

Do the denver broncos have any chance of making the playoffs. Im kinda upset they didnt do to great this year.

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    well they still have a chance of making the playoffs although they would be in better position if mike shanahan didn't swicth his qbs this late in the season i realize that jake plummer wasn't playing so great but still they were 7-4 at the time so why play around like that it just makes no sense

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    For Denver to make the playoffs, they'll need Cincinnati (8-5), Jacksonville (8-5) and/or Kansas City (7-6) to slip up. Possibly the Jets (7-6), too, although I think the Broncos have a better conference record and therefore hold the tiebreaker.

    Their odds aren't that good, but it's been done before.

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    I do not think so. Their mistake was obvious to everyone, and I am going to say it again that they should have started Jay Cutler earlier in the season or just left Jake Plummer in the whole season. There is no stabilty at all. Jake was not great but they would have at least had a shot. But I really hope they get there, but with the Jags and Bengals playing this good and the Broncos playing this bad, there is no reason to think they will make it. I feel bad for Cutler becasue this is not his fault. Its Shanahans for putting him in that situatoin. Reggie Bush started off rough and improved, so did Leinhart, Young, and Eli Mannign when he started. But then you add so much pressure on the kid at this time of the year when the Broncos are fighting for a wildcard. This should of never happened. Jay Cutler will be a good Quaterback for this team in the future but he is just learning right now. But the Broncos have a good team that will contend next year.

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    They've got a chance because Kansas City has a rougher schedule than Denver.

    Denver at Arizona 4-9

    vs Cincinnati 8-5

    vs San Francisco 5-8

    Kansas City at San Diego 11-2

    at Oakland 2-11

    vs Jacksonville 8-5

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    I think they will make it to the playoffs, but they won't go very far. This team has lot of issues. Their offensive line of not good when it comes to pass plays; on def side of the ball, no pressure on QBs.

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