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My niece is 2 1/2 years old and still doesn't seem ready for the "potty".?

is this normal, or are their things that we can do to encourage her?

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    my daughter was three when i really forced the issue; and by forcing i mean having her sit on the potty chair every hour on the hour, making her wear panties (pull ups are a waste of money if you ask me, they're just glorified diapers) but bottom line is consistancy and patience. children learn at their own pace and some say "my child was potty trained in 2 weeks" well good for you and your child... mine took 2 months to be fully potty trained with no accidents so.... it's up to the child really.

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    Is it just overall not ready? Try to encourage her during the day and leave night time alone for right now. Sometimes girls are not easier than boys. One question I have - is she dry in the morning? I was always told a good sign was that they were waking up dry. I know that there are quite a few kids that do have problems and eventually get the daytime down but not the nighttime. The nighttime comes later on and is 'out grown'. My advice comes from going through this with my son and then with my daughter. She did well with the daytime for a whle at 2 1/2 to 3 but kept slipping up off and on. She was never dry at night. So it was a long process for the potty training. My girlfriend's daughter was the same way, she was closer to 3 also.

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    My son just turned two and he has NO interest in the potty. While my friends daughter is 1 1/2 and already goes to the potty. I talked with our Pediatrician about it and she says not the force the issue. Every child is different. And if you start before they are could be potty training for a very long time. She suggested getiing books about going to the potty, getting a potty chair, letting him get used to it, and just talk and encourage him. It is SUPER important to NEVER (while in training) discipline a child for not using the potty. That will only confuse them. The key is to make going to the potty a fun and rewarding experience. Good Luck in whatever the decision is.

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    That's normal. If she isn't ready and you push her it will only be futile. You can create all sorts of toilet issues and make potty training a battle of the wills. She will go when she is ready. You'll see. One day she will just decide she wants to go on the potty. There are ways to encourage it like the potty training video and potty training books.

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    My daughter is a September baby and just over 2 years old now... I would give her more time... She is probably not ready...

    My 7 y/o was ready and doing it at 19m (her choice), while my 5 y/o waited until just after she turned 3 years old.

    A few months can make a BIG difference to her success of potty training.

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    Your neice is the same age as my daughter. We have been trying off and on here for awhile. She understands what the potty is for she is just not interested. We can get her to go once in awhile but if we try to force her she crys and she has gotten constipated a few times from it. Books that she likes in the bathroom have helped. We sit her up there and let her read. My philosphy is she won't pee in her diaper forever - I refuse to force the issue and make her miserable. I do agree with the panties instead of pull-ups. We tried the ones that get cool when she pees - she didn't care. The soak up less so you end up with just as much of a mess as you would with panties.

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    You will no when she is ready, I do not think it is best to force her to use the potty. Im potty training my son now & he is doing good. It is a lot of work and you just have to be patient , I would not suggest pull -up.

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    she'll let you know when she's ready, don't force it, it could back fire on you. there isn't a potty law that says she has to be trained by now. all kids develop differently. letting her go and help pick out the potty chair, and big girl panties(preferably her favorite cartoon character) are good incentives.

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    I'ts normal, sometimes there just not ready. I would just ask every now and then if she wants to go and when she does make it a pleasant trip and fun for her and maybe she'll want to continue. But if she hates the potty I woldn't push it.

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    Potty training is not something that can be forced. Every child can be potty trained easily, once they are ready. Its got something to do with mylin coating on their brain..I don't remember exactly from child development, but when your neice is ready, it will be easy to potty train her.

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