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Is thier leagal group that handles questions on Social Security S.S.I and S.S.D.?

I been haveing some troubles with my goverment checks. And I've trying all the right proper, channels to deal with my problems.But they tell me I need a lawer, I Live on a very fixed income. And a Lawer would be a luxury for me . About the computer, I go to the liberary for it.For as some of you would say pawn it , I can't.Thanks for your help

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    In addition to your state bar association, try your local legal services. You can find them online too. Most legal services handle SSI cases with some regularity. Best of luck. Here's a list, by state, of free legal services:

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    Visit and try contacting someone that way.

    Try talking to a lawyer who will give you a free initial consultation.

    If someone helped you get SSD and SSI in the first place, you should be able to go back to them and explain the situation.

    Most attorneys do not charge a fee until they win as someone stated before, but it sounds like you are already getting benefits because you said you were having trouble with if you already have the benefits, try the lawyer you spoke with to get the benefits.

    If you did not have help from an attorney, find one who specializes in SSD and SSI (this can be hard) and see if they can help you. They may be willing to just help you out with this "pro bono" or for free if you explain your situation.

    Good Luck!!!

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    a individual can very own a house and one motorcar inspite of fee and nevertheless be authorized. although, supplies (supplies) of $2000 or greater makes a individual ineligible - no count what the reason being they have the source. If she has no different source of earnings the optimal SSI earnings is $698. She could be entitled to Medicaid and she or he might get foodstuff stamps. i do no longer comprehend what approximately utilities? She ought to touch the guy application agencies to ascertain in the event that they have particular courses for individuals whose purely source of earnings is SSI. She might would desire to stay on the $698 and meet regardless of costs she has on that money. If she will't arise with the money for maintenence of her abode or property taxes then she ought to evaluate advertising her abode and entering into an low-value house and then whilst she has spent her money right down to under $2000 she might become entitled to SSI. She could additionally evaluate getting herself a roommate. If she and her husband are divorced and she or he replaced into married to him for ten years she will assemble advantages whilst she is age sixty two whether he's no longer gathering them. in the event that they're nevertheless married she will't assemble spouse's advantages at age sixty two except he's likewise gathering advantages. If he dies and she or he's between an prolonged time 50-60 she would desire to document for surviving divorced spouse's incapacity advantages or if she is a minimum of age 60 she would desire to collect widow's advantages.

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    The best way to handle this is to contact your state bar association and ask them to recommend lawyers to you. I've done this multiple times with great success.

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    some lawyers only charge if they`re successful

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