Conservatives since you all want small government, low taxes, and no social programs than do this?

1.There are 300 million americans, help create programs to create 300 million jobs

2. Make sure every child gets the same equal education and a taxpayer supported college and healthcare system

3.Cap the interest rate at 4%

4.Make all males over 18 do atleast 2 yrs in the military, to teach them how to be men

5.And finally if you conservatives quit acting like nazis and roman emperors we would have already had these things

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    1 decade ago
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    How about something like personal responsibility? What are you doing to solve the problem, besides insulting and blaming the failures of the world on someone else?

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    1 decade ago

    1) People are not owed jobs and the LAST organization that should be responsible for providing them is the government. In a free society goods and services, and the jobs to provide them, are created to fill marketplace demand.

    2) Abolish the Federal Reserve system (NOT a government entity) and illegally implemented income tax, let people keep the money they earn, and PRIVATIZE! That way people could afford to choose and pay for the education they want for their child, not the dumbed-down, lying, socialist crap kids are being force-fed today.

    3) The "interest rate" is a bogus economic manipulation tool designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. If the Fed was abolished as it should be and the true free market was allowed to operate as designed, it wouldn't exist.

    4) I agree with you on #4.

    5) I am not a Republican or political "conservative." I am libertarian by party ( and believe a free society operating under a republic (rule by law), which America is, should be fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

    The reason for our current problems has nothing to do with party vs. party or conservative vs. liberal. That crap was all created by rich elites hundreds of years ago to keep the average citizen fighting with each other instead of against those who are oppressing them.

    Unfortunately, it works better than ever today and is causing the downfall of society, both American and global. Go back and read the Constitution. REALLY read it then ask yourself where it permits any of the outrageous government-initiated limitations we suffer from now. Then read Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto and ask yourself which document is closer to how we really live.

    Government OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE, remember? Or are you too busy worrying about such important things as who gets kicked off the island next or whether you'll win that $4,000 PS3 on eBay in time for Christmas?

    That's ok, go back to sleep. It's already too late.

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    Challenge with your numbered points is that some of those are liberal policy items-- not conservative.

    300 million people do not need jobs. The labor pool is more like 180 million or so. We're not going to have children, babies, retireees working now are we?

    No way will we ever have same/ "equal" education. We're not all equal in terms of intelligence, income, tax base, etc.

    Public Colleges are already taxpayer supported.

    Don't have to force military service-- either that or have a peace corp sort of thing. One or the other.

    Capping interest at 4% is not possible-- you need flexibility in money supply/rates and there is a global element to this as well.

    What you're advocating is the antithesis of smaller government and low taxes.

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    Thats pretty funny.

    1. The private sector already produces millions of jobs. And would produce millions more if not for the drag on the economy of taxes to finance goverment programs. In fact so many jobs are already being produced we're having to import workers to fill them.

    2. I guess the best way to insure freedom is to take children away from their parents and stuff them into government institutions after all government employees care more about our kids than we do. I'm really excited about "free" government health care I can't wait to get the same customer friendly service for health care that I now enjoy at the post office and the department of motor vehicles.

    3. Why stop with an interest rate cap of 4%. Why not put the same regulations that are wiping out hospitals on banks. Require that all loan request must be approved and they won't be allowed to repo anything to force payments. We could all drive BMW's.

    4. I agree. The best way to defend freedom is with an Army of conscripts. There's nothing inconsistent about that.

    5. How about instead of your suggestion. I think I'll quit my job, no income no income tax. Then vote for Democrats so I can get the government to take money away from someone else and give it to me. Thanks you're making my decision to quit working easier.

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    Yes I want small government, low taxes and more realistic social programs.

    #1 Jobs get created when government keeps it's nose out of it. Legally I can't hire a dozen homeless people to build a wall because I must pay them minium wage, I have to pay unemployment insurance, maintain OSHA standards, so I have to know what OSHA standards are, I have to get permits for the building, have an environmental survey and submit it to the zoning board for approval. A better way is to keep governments nose out of it, and if I build an unsafe wall sue me.

    #2 I can go for the equal opportunities as far as education is concerned. NOT tax supported colleges, but guaranteed student loans with low or no interest. Prices of the colleges should be allowed to float. A vouger system for schools so schools have to compete for students, and the best schools get the more students. It also allows parents to choose what curriculum is important to them.. Free healthcare fine who's paying for it.

    #3 Interest rates are set to control inflation, capping the interest rate means that inflation may get out of control. Great everyone has jobs and their money is worthless.

    #4 I would have said 1 year, but I can go for two. So long as we are fighting defensively no more attacking the other guy first and everybody’s kid has to go, no more Texas Air National Guard BS, or if you run off to England to avoid service. If you do you loose citizenship.

    #5 AMEN let it be!

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    1 decade ago

    1. Private industry does that much better than big government involved in business

    2. healthcare (other than emergency) is not the job for politicians. It is also in the private sector.

    3. Private industry will set the interest rates where they should be depending on the economy.

    4. forcing people to join the military? Where does that fit in with anything you listed?

    5. Try to SPECIFICALLY (not just name calling) compare conservatives to nazi's, and see how fast you get corrected about your lies.

    You obviously don't know what you are 'trying' to talk about. you can't keep your attempt at an argument on one page.

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    I seriously doubt all your liberal politicians are sending their kids to public schools to get an "equal education," which is impossible anyway. Capping the interest rate would be controlling the economy. You are asking the government, which is about freedom (you know, putting no regulations on marriage and abortion because of freedom) to control business and healthcare. The Nazis controlled their government, which you are asking for yet saying we should no be like them. Something there does not seem right.

  • Sounds like socialism or communist BS to me

    Wrong Party that would be Liberals that desire the socialist life style and Gov. Not the Conservatives

  • 1 decade ago

    What drugs are you on? You really think libs would do this? At least 2 yrs. in the military? You think libs would do this? Grow up and ask sensable questions. If not, go to a lib site and give your pointless complaints.

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    4 years ago

    i do not imagine it truly is a pissing adventure to be certain who can are available in first position; if that's the case, conservatives will continually fall lower back on the actual incontrovertible reality that we've the biggest military contained in the international. This project is about getting wellbeing care to human beings that desperately choose it, and reforming the gadget all at the same time; which at the moment places too a lot emphasis on salary for the HMO’s and a lot less an emphasis on the nicely-being of the human beings. This project seems to me to be emblematic of both classic and cutting-part American conservatism. Conservatism, at its center, is the fusion of unique self pastime and politics. previous a cop to save me, a firefighter to end my abode from burning down, an EMT to save me at the same time as i'm having a heart attack, and a military to guard me, i do not choose my money spent on something else; no longer even if it ought to learn persons besides me. Take this, and seem at it to say, Europe, a area of the international whose governments are in the course of the board center-left democratic socialists or social democracies; from the united kingdom to Greece. The emphasis is placed on the social nicely-being of the society as an complete, particularly than purely one human being for himself or herself. Europeans are keen, and do, settle for far extra taxes than individuals, yet receive in go back many extra social courses that earnings human beings. it truly is not u . s . of america's wellbeing care gadget that stands because the in problem-free words portion of existence that's held lower back by lack of acceptable funding; u . s . of america's training gadget is between the worst of any commercial u . s . on the earth. Neo-conservatism has change into axiomatic with such issues as lack of funding for courses and severe infrastructure. Neo-cons have in no way understood the historic importance of making an investment in public pastimes to create wealth, yet they proceed to spend various of money contained in the non-public sector and seem the position we are at; when you consider that 1980 the in problem-free words American market that has grown is the debt sequence market.

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