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How can I get some height and get taller up to six fts.?

My current height is 4 ft and 7 inches, how can I get tallness of 6 fts.? and my date of birth is 1977

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    No amount of surgery is going to fix that...At your age you are no going to grow anymore...give it up and live with it...

    If you need to reach something on the top shelf just get a step ladder...

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    4 years ago

    good, i might think that you simply will have to take a look at up to now tall women. tall which means five toes 10-eleven inches. they might be extra open to courting you. Its may also be intimadating. my mother nonetheless is five toes three inches and my dad is five toes four inches. which i believe is a truly change. I additionally, might say that there are tall men however you'll inform they're so uncomfortable of their dermis that they appear unusual cos no self worth. they slump over and act all dopey. however there are different guys who're tall and so they stand tall. they're cool cozy, comfy round others. that to me is beautiful. so that you simply must preserve watching like all of us do. a few don't seem to be for you. others are. that is going for every body. uncover anybody who's fitted to you. you cannot assume every body to love you, its simply no longer the way it works

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    Growth Steroids are the best form of height increasement but they generally work better and faster on children.

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    It would help if you go to the doctor. See what they can do.

    the best thing is to eat plenty of vegetables and fruit and regular

    foods too. And exercise some. Pray about it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you will probably never reach that height and you need to accept that. eat right exercise, and see your doctor for an exam and lab work. there might be some imbalances that can be treated.

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    First..why do we need your DOB? Second, by a streach machine LOL. Really you can go to a Plastic surgen and have your legs "legthened" by why should you? Be happy with the body God gave you!

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    it is over man ,just pray for a miracle.guys stop growing at the age of 21.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    take your vitamins

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