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Is Viva Pinata for XBox 360 any good?

I have two kids and I want to play it also. Let me know if you have played it. If you have not played it, keep the comments to yourself or I will report you to Yahoo.

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    wanna see game ratings go to and search your game it will show u the average rating.

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    Personally, I love the game! You grow plants to attract animals, which attract different animals. You gain experience from mating the animals. You can make variant strains of animals by making them eat different things and you can of course turn the bad guys good! Try it You'll atleast be entertained.

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    yeah got

    8 rating in game informer

    good for kids.

    is a god game for beginner

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    your kids will like it, but I'm not sure about you, It's pretty much made for young children.

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