i'm 30 and i have a child that is 9 is it too late for me to have more children, giving the gap in their age?

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    every women is different on when they can have kids.. you should talk to your doctor about your health and everything and then make your decision from there.. and you should talk to your nine year old about what it would be like to have a baby in the house. and the age is not really and issue.

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    If you're still capable of bearing children, the age gap is a personal thing you'll have to decide. My grandfather is 18 years younger than his oldest sister. I had a friend in highschool who's mom had 2 kids after she moved out of the house. And granted he's my step-brother, but I was 22 when my youngest sibling was born. I'm obviously not close to him as a sibling, but what the heck. Since your first child is still only 9 and will be living at home for some time yet, there's a good chance that your kids will still be somewhat close if you have another one now.

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    I know many people with kids that are further apart than that. The kids certainly won't play together but they'll have their own sets of friends and iterests. If nothing else I'll show the 9 year old how much work a baby is. They'll probably love helping out with the newborn too. An 30 is no where near too late to have kids - heck we didn't get started until we were 31.

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    You are still young to have more kids. The only thing is that you'll go back to nursing, late night feedings, strollers, pampers, etc. Its a big change from right now, so think it through. Just do not make your 9 year old take on responsibilities for your new baby. I've seen 40 year old women having children, so you are still young. I'm sure your 9 year old would love to have a sibling. Good luck.

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    My brother and I are 9 years apart me being 29 and him 20 now, I would suggest the only thing you try not to do is let the older one parent the new one, or place to many responsibilities on the older one caring for the baby.

    You are the one getting pregnant not your child, I raised my brother in a sense and lost alot of my high school years when my mom went back to college, that I just cant get back, which made me resent my brother a little.

    But today we are closer than ever and have always been able to keep each others secrets too =)

  • Honey it is not too late for you to have more kids. You are only 30. Yes they would be a gap between your kids but if you want more than have more.

    I am 27 years old with a 5 year old and i keep going back and forth on to whether have another baby or not --Not because of the age gap but because i am not sure if i want another one.

    Let me tell you my siblings ages and we all got along

    33,30,Im 27,25,21,17 &11

    My mom had my brother at age 38. Your 9 year old will be proud to be a big bro/sis but may not want a whole lot to do with it while it is a baby cause 9 year olds are wanting to play with ones their own age.

    Good luck to you

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    30 is not old to have children but you might want to check with your Dr. first.

    I am a mother of three. 28yr boy, 26yr girl and 20yr girl.I was 29 when I had my last child. My first born required lots of my attention. The second child was a very good baby. I was after him all the time. exp: He would see me giving her a bottle and he would go and find trouble. I didn't get to enjoy my second baby because of them being close in age. That is why we had the 3rd. I had the time with her. It was great! My daughter would try being her mother. There was many times I would have to fight her to feed my baby. That did go away when she started walking and getting into her stuff. They have always been very close and still today..My youngest now would like to be closer in age just because her children will not get to play and grow up together with her brother and sister's kids. She will have lots of babysitters :).

    Source(s): Mother of three, grandmother of 4 and still more to come with the last child.
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    No I don't think it is to late. I have two brother's one is 15 years older than I am and the other is 10 year's older than I am. I am very close to both of them. I have one daughter and I don't want my kids to be spaced out but I don't think there is anything wrong with that. My sister in law had her second child and her son is 11. Good Luck if that is what you want then go for it.

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    I don't think it is too late for you to have more children. Just don't let your older child become the parent to any new children and don't expect the older to take on responsibilities of taking care of the new child. There is almost 5 years between my two kids and my daughter (the oldest) took on a "mother hen" role because she loved to help take care of her little brother but unfortunately my ex-husband would make her do everything for him so he became quite lazy and still is (he is now 17).

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    I am 32 and I have a 8 and a 12 year old. I just got married 3 yrs ago and me and my husband are wanting to have children. My dr advised me it is okay and it getts more complicated once you hit 40 and above. But I also had a friend who had her 1st child at 44. She had only the complication of high blood pressure. So get with your doctor and good luck.

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    No way. If you want to have another baby go for it. The age of your older child doesn't make a difference. The role of the older child in respect to the baby may be different thensay a four year old and a baby. He/she may take on more of a caretaker role than a brother sister role. That's fine. More love for the baby and more help for the parents.

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