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In accounting what are the differences between Internally Prepared, Compiled, Reviewed and Audited statements?

In Pennsylvania, non-profits have to provide different types of financial statements based on how much money they brought in. I'd like clarification on the differences between these different levels of documentation.

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    Internally-prepared, compiled, reviewed and audited are descriptions as to how financial statements were prepared and by whom.

    In order from least formal (least reliable) to most:

    1) Internally-prepared means just that. A company employee prepared the statements without audit or the advice of a public accountant.

    2) Compiled - The company brings business records to an accountant who prepares the financial statements. The accountant does not test for accuracy of the records or guarantee proper accounting methods.

    3) Reviewed - A public accountant performs some testing to ensure that financial statements are accurate and that proper accounting standards are followed.

    4) Audited - This is the most formal and rigorous of the four methods. A public accountant issues a letter saying that the financial statements are accurate and that proper accounting policies and procedures are in place.

    I am not exactly sure of the specific differences in the level of review and testing for reviewed and audited statements.

    Of course, sometimes audited financial statements turn out to be unreliable.

    Hope this helps.

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