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how do I get braces on yahoo avatars?

I have braces and want to know how to get them on avatar

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    Braces aren't an option for the avatars.

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    Use a graphics program to put them in yourself, either on a photo, other avatar, or set up your avatar and modify externally.

    Go to your 360 page (you need one to do this!), right click on your avatar, do Save Picture As. Remember the location!! Open the picture in Paint (or other graphics program), make the changes you want to it, including cropping (and braces!). SAVE AS in JPG format. Go back to your 360 page, upload the JPG into your photos (on left -- Edit Personal Photos), then choose it as your primary, SAVE. Go to your profile page in Y!A (click on avatar, name or "My Q&A"), click “Edit My Info” and modify “Picture” to use the 360 photo, PREVIEW & SAVE. Email me if this is not clear enough!!

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    4 years ago

    a speaking avatar like something that pronounces once you go surfing: hi so and so, how are you at present? like once you pass into yahoo messenger. wish the avatars could desire to be enlarged on yahoo q&a like they are in a position to be enlarged on messenger. sitting interior automobiles/automobiles glow in the lifeless of nighttime avatars could be enjoyable greater hair ideas for the girls new and as much as date trend for the girls upload music to the heritage of your avatar i could desire to think of of greater i'm helpful, yet I could cease right here for now i assume. great AND enjoyable question. i wish yahoo could study your question and get some innovations on recuperating our avatar land.

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    1 decade ago

    You can't. Same as no disabled Avatars, no fat avatars, no old avatars, or whatever.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No you cannot. You can call yourself braced-boy or braced-girl....

    Source(s): Jack's Goose http://www.jacksgoose.com/
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