how can i access blocked websites?

just want to access myspace because that is the only way i can communicate with my sister in new zealand and i don't have a computer at home...please help...

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    It depends on where you are trying to access the websites from. And also on the program used to block it. You may be able to use a proxy, such as If that doesn't work, you could try opening up an online translator in english, and then convert google to spanish, type in your search query into the translator, translate it and put in into google search. If you try to access a blog, such as myspace, just sign in and your browser should convert it back to english. feel free to email me if you have any more questions, or if these two methods dont work.

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    If you are being blocked, you are likely being blocked by the device that provides your internet access to the general internet.

    You need to keep in mind as well, that myspace itself is a pretty dangerous site to go to if you want to keep the integrity of the computer you are working on intact, simply because of the spyware and adware that is now being loaded through unknowing user's special additions to make their site look prettier.

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    Have you tried the computers in your local library? Also you can request them to unblock it. And if you know anyone with a SK(side kick) you can use that. My last suggestion it go to your local Apple Store (where you buy your iPods and Macs) there is free internet there. Check to get a list of where they are if you don't know.

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    1 decade ago

    too bad this doesn't make much sense... first of all, myspace must be blocked for some reason (like policy). second, your sister can get an e mail and you can get one also. if you can log onto myspace then you can register for an e mail account.

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  • 1 decade ago

    use a proxy server. Just search "proxy server" or something like that. Although a good bit of the multi media wont work, like pictures and videos and music and stuff....

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    7 years ago

    i have an easy tutorial for you to solve your problem. visit the following post and visit whichever site you want.


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    why is the website blocked and is it on your computer or a computer at cybercafe?

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    btw get the admins password and change it to something really complicated xD

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