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Dumb question about email?

How do I forward an email to lots of people at one time? I have never done this before and have mail to forward to a bunch of family members and don't want to do it individually.

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    do what jessica said but make sure that you have the whole email address in there and make sure to put commas in between

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    Questions are never dumb.

    While your in that particular email, click on "Forward". A new screen will come up and you put all the addresses in the "To" column that you want to send that email to and then when your done, click "Send".

    Good Luck!

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    just open the email and click on forward after that type down the email of all the people u want to send under To: or CC and it will send

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    click Forward and then insert contacts/addresses. if you're on Yahoo then you can check the box of all your contacts and get them all at one time. if you dont have everyone on your contact list then you'll have to put them in manually in the "To:" line separated with commas.

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    Just put all your addresses in the To field. Normally separated with a ,(comma)

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