What compels people to side with the Palestinians when it's apparent that they intentionally target civilian?

It's true that there are civilian casualties when Israel retaliates but the Palestinians intentionally choose targets where only civilians are present such as restaurants, busses, stores, etc. There are available military targets for Palestinians to attack, but they are frequently overlooked in favor targets that will cause more civilian deaths. How do those that side with the Palestinians in this conflict justify this tactic?

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    I think it's because of (1) Antisemitism, (2) Because of the Israelis' militaristic campaigns against its neighbors (Golan Heights, etc.) (3) Because of Israel's policies toward expansionism and settlements (which may take Palestine lands and/or prevent Palestinians access to work), (4) Because, after, all, when the West re-established Israel as a state, it displaced those people who were living there, and (5) Because Israel is supposed to be the responsible, "good guy" in the situation, and when it take helicopters and shoots up buildings (rather than round up dissidents for trial) we think they are not acting in the civilized, grown-up way.

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    unfortunately, the decision to target civilians is one that can be understood in relation to 2 main facts.

    (1) that the Israeli army (armed by the US) vastly outguns the palestinian fighters and therefore asymmetrical warfare is the only tactic

    (2) israeli civilians are colonising parts of the west bank in the form of illegal settlements on Palestinian land

    don't forget that the israelis intentionally target palestinians for arrest without trial, torture, and general harrassment. beyond that, they break international law through house demolitions and collective punishment.

    Free Palestine!

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    The Palestinians have been treated with appalling brutality since the Israeli occupation and have done nothing to receive their degrading treatment. They have had their houses bulldozed, their families bombed or jailed for absolutely no reason simply because they are Palestinian. Don't look for justice in the Holy Land.

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    I side with humanity. Humanity's best interest would be for the Israelis to leave that area before hostilities maximize AGAIN.

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    Its the danged press, they side with them and its all we see. Just Joe

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    They hate Jews. Especially Jews who refuse to be passive victims.

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