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what do i do about sexual harrassment?

what do i do about sexual harrassment?

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    It's not really considered sexual harassment until you tell whomever to stop doing whatever they are doing that makes you uncomfortable.

    After that, you can bring charges against them.

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    Where is this occurring? At school, at work, or on the subway? Is it an old boyfriend or someone you just happen to know?

    If it is at work, you have 4 choices:

    (1) quit and get another job

    (2) tell the person that it is harassment and to stop

    (3) report it to your supervisor (almost every business has a sexual harassment policy in place) however, reporting it may cause you to lose a chance at other promotions --- that depends on how your manager views such things

    (4) ignore it and hope it goes away (it probably won't)

    If you decide to report it to your supervisor, start documenting everything. If they fail to stop it, you can file a lawsuit. You will need dates, names, and other info that you probably wouldn't remember -- so start documenting everything NOW.

    Good luck.

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    whilst the harassment will become sexual, it incredibly is sexual harassment. Touching, innuendo, gestures, puppy names, looks, etc... you may surely tell whilst somebody is putting off a violent vibe as against a sexual vibe, or whilst they're putting out the two.

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    Enjoy it.

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