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i need help!?

I found a ferret, what do you think i should do???

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    Depends on what YOU want to do. Is it tame? Are there any signs posted for a missing ferret in your neighborhood? i would definitely put out FOUND flyers because the ferret could be someone's best friend.

    Then, if you never get a response, it's up to you whether you can or want to keep it. If not, I would suggest trying to find a rescue...animal control is a bad idea because more than likely the ferret will be euthanized.

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    well if you dont want to keep it, call a shelter or animal control, or look up a ferret rescue on the internet and give them a call even if they arent in your area a lot of times they will come and get them :)

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    If it is sweet and doesn't bite, keep it. Otherwise, call the local pet stores, they might take it off your hands.

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    if you dont want to keep it take it to a shelter or call a local petstore an see if they will take it

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    Animal control, you don't know where it came from. Don't let it bite you, you don't want those rabies shots.

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    try to find the owner becuse its the right thing to do

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