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How do I get WIndows XP to recognize my flash drive?

I have an Attache flash drive that I used on my old Windows 98 computer. When I bought my new computer that has Windows XP, everytime I plug it in, it says no driver is installed and I get another error message that says the device has malfunctioned. I contacted the manufacturer of the flash drive and they said to contact DELL! I don't have time to go through 50 million people to answer this questions LOL. HELP?!!!!

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    you probably need a file called usbstor.sys . it is the file that allows the attache system to install its drivers onto windows XP. However, first visit the attache website and download the driver for your specific model. it probably should come with this file that you need.

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    The reason why they say contact Dell is because the USB port you are trying to attach it to may in fact be malfunctioning. The best way to determine this is to get another USB device and plug it into the same port and verify if that device is working.

    Based on the errors being reported it could be the USB port or controller, or possibly just the USB drive failing.

    Have you tried this on another machine as well? If the device works properly on that machine, then likely the USB ports on the Dell are malfunctioning, or you need to update the USB drivers/BIOS of the motherboard on the machine.

    Easiest place to start is to go to and login there, from there just type in the service tag, or the express service code on sticker on your computer, from there you can go to Drivers & Downloads and look for any updates relating to chipset, USB, or BIOS.

    Sometimes Dell will update the BIOS of a computer to correct certain conflicts that they see upon release of the machine.

    I apologize for a generalized answer, but the drive should work normally in a windows XP machine, as it has support for most USB removable storage devices (like the one you have) built-in.

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    Before I give an answer, I have a question... Is this XP with Service Pack 2? Also have you made sure you have all the latest updates for XP? My final question, which version of XP is this?

    XP Professional should automatically recognize the flash drive as a removeable USB storage device (or XP in general). There may also be an issue with the drive if it is a USB 1.0 or previous.

    Another thing to check is on the Microsoft website for devices that have been certified with XP. I don't know exactly where on the site its located but if you search for it, you'll be able to find it.

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    Try to go to the dell web site and download any new drivers for your system not just the usb ports, do all windows updates. That should correct the problem. Well unless your flash drive got short circuited or something, try it on another computer to make sure it is working.

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    It should automatically recognize it. If not, maybe your usb port is bad. Or, on some flash drives the metal part that plugs in to your usb is short and does not go in all the way. Try wiggling it or plugging it into another usb port.

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